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Canary Bird

The Canary is a domesticated bird that belongs to the finch family.

It is also known as the songbird that originated from the Canary Islands. Among their breed, only male canary birds have the ability to sing. This species has been known as a songbird.


Most canaries have a yellow tone. Generally, domestic canary’s carry colours like yellow, orange, red, brown, white and black. While on the other hand, the wild canary bird has been found in yellow only.

The songbird (canary) gives us many teaching as an totem. First to be discussed is  their yellow colour, which also resembles the colour of sun, reflecting the energies provided by sun or sunlight. In ancient times, people used to believe that the sun was a God of energy that shines over their heads and provides them energy and light to lead their life.


Another canary totem belief teaches you to eliminate the depression inside you and will make room for positive things in your life. This learning could be done by spreading joy and exempting the darker side of you. These both cannot create a balance in life. In other words, to lead a balanced life, you have to watch out for your weaknesses and you have to overcome  them with the joys in your life. Life is not full of sorrows, neither is it right to always rejoice. A blend of these two opposites creates life. The balance has to be created by you.

Just like its name (songbird), the canary totem teaches the power of one’s voice. Certainly, the power of the voice does not mean  strong vocal cords for singing and creating music but to know the power of one’s sound. Speaking is one of the most powerful sense or force that most creatures possess. The ability to speak takes you to the very best of your life or to the worst nightmare.

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As a totem teaching, the canary teaches you to listen to your inner-self and control your speaking ability. If you learn this particular totem’s teaching then you might have grasped one of the most dominant powers  on planet Earth. Self control of your voice can be interpreted by the singing of canary bird, where he signs by lowering and raising his voice in particular places and how he creates a chirped melody. If the power of  its voice is not controlled then  its class will make no difference  to the ordinary birds.



A flying canary shows a connection with freedom. On contrary to this, if the canary is shown in a cage, it represents signs of sorrow, unhappiness and entrapment.



As the canary is interpreted as happiness and joy, it gives you patience to enlighten yourself as well as others. This animal totem provides you with the power to control your voice, feelings and emotions. It guides you to the manifestation of healing yourself, in order to breath the fresh air to have a new start  in life freely, without any hindrance. 




The Canary shows as a spirit guide when…



  • We need to add energy to our life.
  • We want to sing the happy tune of life.
  • We need to realize the power of speaking.
  • Our freedom is being suppressed.
  • We are impatient.

Call on canary as a spirit guide when…



  • We are losing the excitement in life.
  • We want a balance with nature.
  • We are not very vocal about our true feelings.
  • We are  manipulated on what to do.
  • We have been waiting for something for so long.

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