If you noticed a camel on your path in waking life, or the camel entered your dreams or meditations then be convinced that there is an ancient wisdom of symbolism that is being unfolded.

The camel symbol is associated with a long journey, recouping your own energy and finally the ability to survive life against the tough conditions in life. I am Flo and I am here to help you understand about the camel and the symbolism and above all the spiritual meaning of this wonderful animal. When I see a camel, myself I know that this desert beast symbolizes being disillusioned somehow. A lost focus on inner awareness. A camel’s journey surface is the harsh desert terrain. The camel is adapted to this type of “desert environment.” This is important in regards to the symbol - and I will move onto this shortly, but the desert is where the camel thrives. This symbolism means you could be encountering a “hard road” in the future. Which leads me to question your journey in life. What journey are you taking? Will it be difficult? Do you need to embark on a journey?

I always believe that when a camel appears in our lives, this inspiriting animal indicates that you are looking for not only empowerment but to follow this journey in order to clarify what other people are thinking. In your visions or before you the camel could appear to be “a one-humped” or “two-humped.” This is interesting, as the camel is very clever and stores its food in its humps, it preserves it's energy so it does not need regular food and water. This leads me to ask you the question: what are you protecting against? Is there something you are trying to achieve too fast? From the above two paragraphs preserving energy and taking a "spiritual" journey that will be hard are two key areas that will appear if you see a camel symbol.

What does a camel symbolize?

In short, as I have already mentioned the camel can imply many things in symbolism. Basically, surviving, taking a journey and preserving energy. Of course, the camel can survive the harshness of the desert. I would give this advice in regards to the camel in symbolism. The camel is associated with the connection of spirit and looking inside yourself to clarify what you want from other people. The thing that we must remember in regards to the camel is that we are the leader in life. Try to look at any burdens that are appearing in the situations you encounter. Try not to waste anything and think about your own career in monetary ambitions in life. In the Arab world the camel is essentially the horse, but much tougher. Tamils are what are known as artosidactyls, which essentially means even-toed. The camel toe is basically a term which is used for the sexual description of a woman’s vagina through clothing. There is a sexual connotation to the camel in regards to symbolism. If we look at the camel's bones, for example, many people use these as ivory. The female camel does not have a mane and can be connected to the un-hiding of emotions. The shaggy coat of a camel is connected to how we affectionately connect with others.

What does a camel animal totem mean?

In regard to animal totems, we need to look at the key characteristics of the camel. They like to spend up to ten hours a day grazing, moving around the world at a slow pace. What is this trying to say to you? Basically, to slow down and think about how life can pass you by. Interestingly, looking at how the camel eats food. Basically, the food is regurgitated and later digested. Camel’s also need a lot of salt. The reason I’m discussing these aspects of a camels diet is that from animal totem’s perspective the camel implies that you may need to review your own health. They do not have stomachs like we do. Camel’s have surprisingly - five stomachs and various different stomachs for various uses. Stomachs do not contain water, but the camel school a large amount of water in its bloodstream. Some people who have been lost in the desert have even killed camels thinking that their stomach contains water but sadly - this was not the case. Poor camel! Water is a source of life and in spiritual terms represent cleansing. As the camel to go 30 days without water, it indicates that cleansing is needed if this was your animal totem. In your life you need to watch your journey.

The camel walks with their “pad” which is three footed and has wonderful leather pads that spread while it walks (known as a camels toe) indicating that in time things will work out well. People will seem more resistant to change if the camel appears as your animal totem. Sometimes people believe that the camel indicates that you need to “reserve” your own energies. The camel can be a rather powerful animal totem. Also called the spiritual guide or power animal. If the camel itself is your personal totem animal then there are certain aspects of your life that you need to review. These are essentially: traveling, journeys, independence, perseverance, and conserving your own images. An animal totem is connected to spirit and how the Angels contact us. In essence, a camel is a form of domination. In meditations, if the camel appears can suggest that you need to focus your mind better.

What is the connection of the camel and the tarot in symbolism?

The attribution of a camel can be seen in the tarot deck of the high priestess. I know this might sound ironic but the Hebrew tarot deck card appears as the camel. In Hebrew Serif, the Gimel is inscribed on the top of the Priestess card. The word “Gimel” itself translates to the word “Camel.” Many people around the world may not be aware that the Tarot is a mixture of different influences and wisdom. It gained its momentum over seven hundred years ago as varied knowledge was borrowed from different cultures near and beyond. Paul Foster an American occultist wrote many interesting occult books during the 1920s (I urge you to read them) – pointed out the overview of the connection between the Camel and Gimol.

Paul Foster believed that the camel was connected to a journey and striking margins, as well as cancelled news, and believed that the high priestess who sits in-between the two pillars represents the basic power of the subconscious mind. The “Gimel” is considered an object of authority. In tarot, Paul foster believed the High Priestess is a symbol of “ship of the desert” of illusion and ignorance. The High Priestess is seen as an island of bounty and is responsible for the transfer of knowledge in the “desert.” This is what the High priestess stands for, the understanding and power that we hold in our minds.

Essentially, moving across the desert of death. The high priestess card is connected to the foundation of abstract wonders and tuning into the psychic plane. The camel here is the “eye” of the storm. Therefore, the camel provides us with the teachings and healing that are needed to balance our own lives. What I am saying bluntly is that the camel can be seen as a vehicle for a journey of transformation. As the tarot is qabalistic in nature the camel seen in this card can often be connected to the fact you will need balance going forward in regard to symbolism.

A “dromedary” in Arabia is the name for most camels, which is basically a high bred camel. The dromedary translates to promos in Greek meaning “road.” You might be surprised to learn that the camel has an IQ rating of around the same age as an eight-year-old child. Thus, the camel symbolizes wisdom and teachings. The camel is an interesting animal in regard to symbolism. Camels are witty, playful, patient and interestingly hard working with a focus on getting to the end of the journey. If they are ill-treated than the camel can be somewhat dangerous. Often camels are used to carry items across the desert sand. A camel in the research I have carried out is better than the horse, like a dog the camel can be attached to the owner. The eyes of a camel are beautiful, soft, and the eyelashes are large. They have a third eyelid, that is used to protect against blowing sand. The ears are lined with fur to protect against the sand.

Born between the 22nd of November and the 21st of December?

If you are born under the camel totem between the 11/22 and 12/21 then you have the camel totem. I will do more on the meaning of this primitive sign in another part of my website but I wanted to mention it here. You should be well grounded, and completely collected. The great news is that you are always radiating confidence and nothing in the world can stop you when you decide on succeeding – so good for you. You make sure that you carry on with the mission until you complete it. A camel as your animal totem can bring a new journey into your life; that of an overly relaxed nature. It takes you time to fight back even when provoked and this at times means that, you will miss out on some opportunities which need a quick response.

What does the bible say about camels?

In biblical times, the camel was an important animal and I have found this lovely animal quoted in various verses in the bible. In the book of Genesis chapter 37 and verse 25, it talks about a caravan of Ishmaelites coming from Gilead, with their camels bearing aromatic balm and gum and myrrh, coming to bring Egypt down. In Judges chapter 7 and verse 12, the Amalekites and Midianites and all their sons were lying in the valley like several locusts, and their camels were many, just like sand on the seashore. In Genesis chapter 24 and verse 61, it discusses Rebecca arising with her maids, and mounting their camels and following the man who took Rebecca and departed. In 1 Samuel chapter 30 and verse 17, the Bible provides an overview of David slaughtering the adversaries and by the next day, those who remained rode on their camels and fled. I have concluded that after reading the biblical verses, camels were associated with transportation. Connecting to the biblical signs of; going to war, escaping, or traveling from one region to another.

​​​​​​What is the Salih and the prophet story?

The Salih the prophet asked god to send him a camel, which he did. The prophet asked the people of Thamud to protect the camel and share water with him on certain days and to not destroy the camel. The camel was eventually killed and they disobeyed the prophet Salih. God strikes the lightening of people’s homes to revenge for the ill-treatment of the camel. From this, even though ancient, the symbol of the camel is sharing with others. I gain much of my writings based on what has occurred in ancient times and the camel symbol here could be connected to sharing with people on a long journey.

Camel mating

I feel it is important to include how the camel mates. The symbols of how the animals mate to attribute this to your own love life. If you are single then the mating of the camel (as a symbol) could be relevant to you. Male camels are normally in a seasonal heat normally called a rut, when the camels testosterone levels increase. The camel generally becomes what is known as "agitated" often foaming at the mouth. I am not saying you will foam at the mouth (lol) but if you are single then the camel symbol could mean a quick attractive love. The rut might last as long as four months. The poor domesticated male camels are usually castrated and only the finest are left to breed. During the "rut" stage the males become single-minded and do everything possible to dominate other males, through pushing and shoving, neck wrestling, and noises such as bellowing.

The whole "camel mating" process can take up to two months. When the female camel is pregnant they are so for around 13 to 14 months. They give birth to one calf and a small percentage has twins. At birth, the calf is normally long-legged and this makes it take time to rise to its feet. For your love life, the camel symbol can be connected to a journey or transformation.

What does it mean to dream of a camel?

In order to answer this question. I researched many different dream dictionaries in order to understand what the camel dreams mean. From older dream lore the perspective of the camel must be reviewed. They may symbolize that something has evolved and adapted in life. It can often indicate the journey or the end of phase in life. Killing a camel could suggest that you are moving through the unconscious mind you need to understand the different aspects of the dream. For example, if the camel attacked you it could suggest that you are losing control over a particular person. If you are riding a camel dream it is a spiritual indication of guidance through deep matters. The camel guides us into the light and the journey may require more effort from you. A hasty decision may be made if you dream of seeing a camel from distance. If you are a passenger on a camel then you need to be able to control the situation that requires emotional strength. Try to take note of the details around the dream, are you going to a certain destination? There are the people who are riding camels? It is also important to not only rely on totally on your dreams. I always try to say that the dream symbols have universal rule or meaning which should be explored in your conscious mind – through meditation. The camel may resonate with you and be connected to an animal totem which I will discuss in the next paragraph. Try to associate the camel with situations and conditions in your life you need to deal with. Above all, I believe the camel brings with it a sense of perseverance and patience. Camels as a symbol carry journeying as the prowess of the beast of the desert. I have already concluded denote long distant traveling and preserving energy. No one can dispute that camels can bear the wrath of the hottest desert temperatures as they transport their goods across the vast lands.


I hope you have enjoyed my symbolism on camels and this has been of use to you. I always wonder how the camel’s strength endures when I see this wonderful animal. Honestly, I believe in the fact the camels can show us long and intimidating journeys, but with light, the camels can show us the way in darkness. At times, in my research for this article reading what camels go through in the desert was an eye-opener and this led me to some questions. In symbolize we need to ask the following: “Is it worth it to travel like this?” or “Will the journey end safely?”

As humans, we at times face difficult challenges in life’s paths. Camels are the greatest source of inspiration, due to their strength in the human life journey, and of course their endurance. They go through many challenges and are well adapted to their task and this endurance as I say should inspire us for energy or spiritual strength. When we are in the face of trouble during our journey as humans and eventually stumble, it ‘s important to remember the strength, stamina and enduring spirit of the camel. Our journey could be physical or spiritual but enigmatically, the camel has perfected in teaching us that expeditions are needed in life. And, every problem even in long distances can be conquered.

What are the benefits of camel meat?

Yes, people eat camel meat. I just had to throw this in here. Camel meat is prized in the Middle East. In fact, there are specific butchers who focus on this delicacy. The camel meat is often eaten at wedding receptions or parties. Camel meat is supposed to be healthier meets contains much protein and is packed full of victims.

What are the benefits of camel milk?

Camel milk has a higher iron rate. The milk is much better than cow’s milk. In Judaism, camel milk and meat are not considered kosher. Meaning, it is prohibited in some cultures and is used as symbols to represent an important meaning to them. And slaughtering the wonderful camel is not allowed.

Camels’ vitality and pillars of strength are generated from these life meanings

  • Endure the task.
  • Transport the cargo at all cost.
  • Protect with your life.
  • Survive the ordeal.
  • Conserve for future use.
  • Journey on.
  • Adapt to the changing environment.
  • Obey always.
  • Expect heated experience.
  • Be noble in life.
  • Humility pays.
  • Strength is a must.

Camel shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to save for future use.
  • You need to transform all the heavy burdens we usually carry.
  • You need to understand the value of water as a source of life.
  • You need to understand that space can be very vast.
  • You need to learn to overcome temptations.

Call on Camel as a spirit guide when

  • You need to learn to walk in the shifting sands of time.
  • You need to understand that the world is so big and spacious.
  • You need to start making savings for your future.
  • You need to appreciate the value of water.
  • You need to change our behavior in relation to the challenges we have.

By Florance Saul
Mar 24, 2013