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Having keen interest in camels will largely reveal the theme of journeying as the prowess of the beast of the desert.

Camels symbolize the real world of long distant traveling and this is an open secret. No one can dispute that camels can bear the wrath of the burning desert temperatures as they transport their valued burden across the vast lands.


I always wonder about the awesome secrets of the camel’s strength when I see the animal. Honestly, I get this message that for long and intimidating journeys, camels can show us the way. At times it is a bit scaring and stressing to understand what the animal goes through.

I mean, one may ask; “Is it worth it to travel like this?” or “Will the journey end safely?” I have the experience to emulate the camel instead of unnecessarily worrying about the serious challenges in life long journeys.


As humans, we at times face difficult challenges in life’s travel. Camels are the best source of inspiration and cause for strength in the human life journey. They go through challenges of the long distance and life threatening landscapes with ease. We know that camels are well adapted to their task and this inspire us for energy or spiritual strength.

When we are in the face of trouble during our journey as humans and eventually stumble, It‘s important to remember the strength, stamina and enduring spirit of the camel. Our journey could be physical or spiritual but enigmatically, the camel has perfected in teaching us that long expeditions in very harsh terrain and long distance can be conquered.

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We then continue on our path protected and secured in mind as we journey on.

Camels know how to conserve. Their humps for example, store fat which biologically hold water through the stuffed hydrogen atoms for the camel’s marvellous metabolic system.


This enables the animal to calculate their pace and energy levels. We can confidently ask the camel for wisdom on how to manage our resources and the response wouldn’t disappoint.


Camels’ vitality and pillars of strength are generated from these life meanings:


  • Endure the task.
  • Transport the cargo at all cost.
  • Protect with your life.
  • Survive the ordeal.
  • Conserve for future use.
  • Journey on.
  • Adapt to the changing environment.
  • Obey always.
  • Expect heated experience.
  • Be noble in life.
  • Humility pays.
  • Strength is a must.


Symbolism interests me a lot. From esoteric origins, I draw quite an understanding of some interesting life’s similarities.

Take the Tarot for example;


 Many people around the world may not be aware that the Tarot is a mixture of different sects and wisdom. It gained its momentum over seven hundred years ago as varied knowledge was borrowed from different cultures near and beyond.

How do I relate the Tarot and camel?


 In Hebrew Serif Gimel is inscribed on the Priestess card. The wordGimel translates to “Camel”-quite a marvel in symbolism.

Paul Foster the founder of the builder of the adytum points to the idea that Camels being used for transport majorly means that Gimel suggests the correlation to travelling, communication, commerce, coexistence and partnership.

Gimel as an object of authority of the High Priestess is a symbol of “ship of the desert” of illusion and ignorance. The Priestess is seen as an island of bounty and is responsible for the transfer of knowledge in the “desert”.


Camels enabled merchants across vast deserts open trade-routes for the ancient businesses. In the end, awareness to new cultures among other things was discovered.

Without the camel, commerce in the dry Asian and African deserts would not exist. The High Priestess of the Tarot does exactly that though on a symbolic manner - she takes us through the paths of understanding by transporting us, under her protection to other territories.

I believe the meaning of this symbolism of the Camel and Gimel will inspire you to dig for better understanding of life’s journeys.


Camel shows up as a spirit guide when...


  • You need to save for future use.
  • You need to transform all the heavy burdens we usually carry.
  • You need to understand the value of water as a source of life.
  • You need to understand that the space can be very vast.
  • You need to learn to overcome temptations.


Call on Camel as a spirit guide when...


  • You need to learn to walk in the shifting sands of time.
  • You need to understand that the world is so big and spacious.
  • You need to start making savings for your future.
  • You need to appreciate the value of water.
  • You need to change our behaviour in relation to the challenges we have.

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