Butterfly Animal Totem

Butterfly Animal Totem

The butterfly teaches us to face the dangers and risks in life as casually as it does. 

The butterfly responds as an unflinching belief in the natural transformation process. This is a symbol of the faith on nature which it wants us to have as we go through the various changes in our lives. It reminds us that working against the forces of nature is completely futile and foolish. It is very interesting to see that the symbolism assigned to an animal and which is represented by the butterfly is connected to the inner spirit or soul, as well as being connected to faith, by many ancient cultures.

I’m Flo, I have been studying spiritual animals for almost twenty years. I am excited you are here and am honored that you wish to learn more about the wonderful butterfly. Every October the caterpillar often gets to the end of a twig and fabricates a beautiful cocoon around itself, spiritually, closing the door to life in order to sleep. During this time the most amazing, miraculous transformation occurs. The caterpillar becomes a butterfly.  There is a deep mystery and power which is hidden behind that cocoon. If we think about the process of the butterfly and how it transforms into something beautiful then we can apply this magic to our lives. Maybe you’re here because you noticed a number of butterflies flying in the sky, perhaps you had a dream of a butterfly or you’re just interested in the spiritual meaning of a butterfly. I will say the most important element of the butterfly, in my view, is that when the butterfly is released from the cocoon it keeps moving too and fro in order to push itself out until it’s released. Eventually, the butterfly escapes the cocoon. This leads me to my first spiritual question for you. I wish to ask you what is your cocoon?  What is holding you back? I honestly believe this might be the reason you came to this page for whatever reason. Fate normally delivers us a message that we need to take on board. Now, if that little butterfly does not escape the cocoon in a certain period of time it could potentially die. In biblical terms, God wishes for us to transform, to understand both the physical and spiritual realm. I am not ultra-religious but I like to take note of biblical signs and the butterfly is one of them. I will discuss this further as we go on. Because of the ever-changing spectrum of the butterfly, change, transformation, and attaining enlightenment are integral parts of the representation of the butterfly.

Psyche, meaning “soul” in the Greek language, has the form of a butterfly in Greek mythology. Just like a woman, Psyche was in passionate love with Eros, the god of love in the Greek mythology. Eros is also known as Cupid in the Roman mythology. The hopeless love Psyche and Eros or Cupid had for each other were eternal as per the Greek mythology. Not only the Greek mythology, but many other ancient mythologies around the world believe that the beauty and the elegance of a butterfly have a relation with the inner spirit or soul. These mythologies are:

  • Mythologies of Central Asia.
  • Mythology of the Aztec Indians of Mexico.
  • Mythology of the Maori people of New Zealand.
  • Mythology of the African people of Zaire or Congo.

The butterfly is linked to the soul in Christianity also. Butterflies are found to be engraved on ancient Christian tombs because in some Christian art, Jesus Christ is seen holding a butterfly in his hands. As we travel in time, the different twists and turns and the various conditions transform us into better and better human beings. A butterfly goes through the changes from an egg at the start to the beautiful butterfly at the end. When this change is over, it is very difficult to distinguish it from the egg which was there in the beginning. Often the transformation of the caterpillar to the butterfly alone is related to the transformation of the human form as well. Both stages of transformation happen dramatically fast in comparison to the human life cycle.  Similarly, our soul also gets transformed for the better, until at the end of the road, it has completely changed. This makes the comparison between the butterfly and our souls more befitting as both changes with time.

The gracefulness which the butterfly attains at the end of the journey makes us feel that we should also keep faith in our journey through time. This is like taking the analogy between the soul and the butterfly another step forward. We should believe that at the end of this journey and the changes occurring at the different stages of this journey, will transform our souls from our initial form depicted by the egg to the wonderful form depicted by the butterfly.

Butterfly are in my view associated with creating change, setting yourself goals, working towards something that will bring you the transformation and happiness that you deserve. I would say, you are just like the butterfly who is trying to wriggle from the cocoon this can indicate that there are elements that surround you. I believe the most important word I can use to describe the butterfly is change.

What does it mean when butterflies are landing on you?

Surprisingly, it is quite rare for a butterfly to land on you. I will just briefly go over the spiritual color meaning as this will be applicable when trying to understand why this wonderful creature landed on your body. The symbolism of the different stages of transformation that a butterfly undergoes during its lifecycle is an overwhelming subject which makes up the folklore and mythologies in different ancient cultures around the world. The beauty of the butterfly makes its appearance after going through the various stages starting from an egg, then into the caterpillar, then into the cocoon and finally into the butterfly. The transformation of this small creature from an egg to a butterfly is a wonderful thing.

A human being will definitely go insane if he is subjected to the huge amount of energy required to effect these changes during his lifecycle, which is many times more than that of the butterfly. The life cycle of a butterfly lasts for a very short period of nearly a month. Imagine if you only had one month to do all that you needed to fully grow and transform! It would be inconceivable to determine what any creature can do in its own lifespan but a butterfly totem or animal spirit shows that transformation is a large part of your own personal path. The transformation of the butterfly from an egg to its present state represents the many risks and dangers posed by the surrounding environment. The dangers and risks faced by the butterfly during the whole transformation process is a significant lesson for humans.

Voilet butterflies landing on you symbolize royal and hard work, blue represents peace, red butterflies are symbols of love and pink the strength of love, black represents regeneration in life. I will go deeper into butterfly color meaning later in this article. Seeing two butterflies landing on you at the same time in Chinese tradition meant that there is both love and harmony in your life. I confess now, I have researched quite a bit into what it actually means if the butterfly lands on your body as it happened to me just the other day. In my research, spiritually speaking, if a butterfly lands on you then indicates the fact that luck and happiness will be yours but that you also need to cultivate patience. Patience itself is ultimately a way that we can control our lives. The experience of a butterfly landing on you is like planting a seed standing back and watching it grow. Have you also noticed that the butterfly itself never descends that far from Earth itself? I do believe it is “no accident” that the butterfly lands on you. What could have bought this butterfly into your life? It took me a lot of research to try to uncover the reason and then it suddenly dawned on me the butterfly itself is a spiritual power, a messenger that reminds us to fully understand why we are on this earth. At times a butterfly may land on you, according to ancient superstitions because there has been some loss in the past events have been uncontrollable. When I visited a butterfly farm many butterflies landed on me, especially if I was holding a piece of fruit, so if you do have that odd banana on you then the butterfly could be attracted to the nectar. To see a butterfly landing on someone else (spiritually) can indicate the fact someone will open doors in life for you.

What does it mean to see a butterfly fly, or cross your path?

In my research to see a butterfly drifting through the air or near your body is all about the magic of believing:  A butterfly fluttering by should force you to think why this spiritual power suddenly entered your life. It is an omen to believe in yourself and your success story. If you have been feeling depressed lately, it is common to see this spiritual animal pass by. You need to believe the future holds success for you and that is what will make you find a way to get to a destiny of success. There is one important takeaway from this experience. In folklore, seeing a butterfly cross you path means if you don’t have faith, then you will automatically fail. The butterfly is supposed to facilitate your faith and make you believe that you can do anything to achieve your goals.

Butterfly Symbol Signs and Tales:

There are several wonderful stories about the butterfly in various cultures. In Asia, there is a story that resonated with me which I feel I should share with you. This is because butterflies in my view represent two lovers. Especially if you could see two butterfly’s in the sky. What is the story? Basically, there were two butterfly lovers known as Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai came together and fell in love. The story goes like this: a young man known as Liang was rather poor he found himself in the garden of a rich mandarin while chasing a butterfly. His presence was forbidden as it was an act of trespass. The story is much like the Romo and Juliet story of our time. The women (Zhu) was somewhat wealthy and she dresses up as a man to take studies. She falls in love with Liana and thinks she is a boy. They fall in love. Because Liang is poor she is unable to marry him. Both Zhu and Liang ends up committing suicide. but, the lovers become butterflies and go high up into the sky to unite and be together. The Chinese believe that if you had a wish in regards to your love you, then let a butterfly land on your hand and whisper your wish and release it to the heavens and it shall be so.

Butterfly as a symbol in various cultures:

In the early days, Christianity considered a butterfly as a symbol of the soul, joy and conjugal bliss, the Chinese believe that the butterfly is a symbol of immortality and a sign of grace, beauty, and long life. There is something that stood out when I was researching this symbol meaning. A cat appearing alongside a butterfly denotes that, you are going to live happily and find a new love. This kind of corresponds to the Feng Shui practitioners believe that use of butterfly images improves your romance and love in the home, apparently, hanging butterflies in the home can help you find the right person (your soul mate) and predict a great relationship.

Interestingly, going back to the butterfly cultural meaning, in southwest America, the butterfly is held in awe and its dance is played by the Hopis and Navajos. To communicate their availability, the unmarried girls in the Hopi tradition made their hair in the form of a butterfly to announce to everyone that they are single. Additionally, the Native Americans believed that a butterfly was a symbol of color and joy.  It was considered to be a miracle of resurrection and transformation.

According to ancient welsh folklore the butterfly is believed to be the spirit of the dead. I am not sure I believe this but there are some artifacts which depict the angel of death, crushing the butterfly underfoot. The butterfly attracts both flame and light and the butterfly is also believed to be a symbol of purification by fire. I read about a belief by sailors in the 1800s that, if they happened to see a butterfly before embarking on a journey, they will not come back. It kind of made think about superstitions back in that time. Could you imagine getting on a ship and then seeing a butterfly? Later in my research, I came across the fact that people believed that children who died came back to life as butterflies in Yorkshire in the 1700s. In Scotland, in the 1930s it was believed that you need to kill the first butterfly that comes your way or you will face a year of bad luck. And, if it is spring and if the butterfly you kill is yellow it denotes that your entire family is going to face sickness for the entire year. In both Ireland and Scotland traditions, if a golden butterfly appears, it denotes that something great and wealthy is going to happen, a further Scottish folklore is if the golden butterfly is seen near graveyards, the soul of that person will be going to heaven. 

Traits and characteristics of butterflies:

  • Butterflies have the ability to fly and that is what enables them to spread their wings.
  • They have an external skeleton which provides an armor for self-protection.
  • They have the ability to delay fertilization until the conditions are suitable to enable the survival of their young ones.
  • They are adaptable to their climatic condition and environment.
  • Due to their small size, their demands are small and easy to meet.
  • They undergo several changes in their life cycle in order to adapt to changes.

What do butterflies mean when they appear to be your spirit guide or animal?

Butterflies being symbols of change and transformation, rebirth and lightness of being,  if it becomes your spirit guide or animal, you will turn to emotional and spiritual matters in your life and you are going to through various cycles of your life. If a white butterfly becomes your spirit guide, it is a sign of pure soul and purity. If it appears to you when there is something important going on in your life, it means that it is your protector and spiritual guide. 

A monarch butterfly appearing as your spirit guide implies that you are transforming. A yellow butterfly as your spirit guide or animal indicates peace, hope, and guidance. A purple butterfly seen as a spirit guide denotes spirituality. A blue butterfly as an animal guide means that you are full of luck and joy. A brown butterfly indicates that you should expect some good news very soon. Butterflies are connected to our spiritual matters and a strength of faith.

What does it mean to dream about butterflies?

A dream where see a butterfly fluttering is a positive omen. It basically implies good luck. I know I keep saying good luck, contentment, happiness, and love but these are the key signs of butterflies as a symbol. Often, the butterfly appears in a dream when we are about to accept love and grace. I will say this, have faith and let the changes take their effect in your life. With time, your life will work out and be full of happiness and joy. Sometimes, I know you might feel this but I never seem happy. I always want something more or looking for what will make me happy. If a butterfly lands on you in the dream, it is indicative that, you need to adjust in life; you need to embrace change. The changes will be positive in the long run and that is why you should be patient and work towards what the change is directing you to. It could remind you to pay more attention to your spiritual and emotional self - that will happen during these changes in your life.

Dreaming of a beautiful butterfly flying in the sky is a sign of prosperity and a lot of luck. If the setting is in the countryside, then it is indicative that there is a certain situation in your life cannot be changed. If you see more than one butterfly, then there is a sign that you will experience a change in the near future. If you dream that you lost a butterfly, in old dream lore it denotes that you will likely lose your loved one in the near future. Alternatively, it can mean that you are going to sacrifice something in your life.  If you are a woman and you dream about a butterfly, it is a sign that you are going to be happy in your love life. A man dreaming about a butterfly denotes that everything is going as you planned.  If the butterfly was tropical, then it is a positive sign meaning that you will have a lot of success in the future period. 

What does the White butterfly mean spiritually?

The white butterfly it's a beautiful creature to see in your visions, real life or dreams. To see a white butterfly in real life symbolizes purity, emotion, well-being, and contentment. There are basically four types of white butterfly that you can see. They are called the large white, white and orange tip, small white and finally the green-veined. Some butterflies carry the white color as well as other colors on their wings. As I've already outlined in this spiritual interpretation that seeing butterflies are a positive omen the signify love. However, if you saw a white butterfly it can also predict a happy blissful time in the future. If the butterfly actually landed on you or fluttered by you flying quite close to you in old superstition books the white butterfly signifies an honorable person will into your life. Often, people refer to white butterflies as the cabbage butterfly. The cabbage is rather popular in the United Kingdom. Particularly in the Scottish Highlands. Spiritually speaking, the white butterfly also indicates durance. This is because in its lifetime the white butterfly can fly up to a massive 100 miles. In terms of life-cycle, the white butterfly is prominent in July, this is when they generally start to appear. The white butterfly was accidentally introduced in Australia and also North America and are now rather common. Often, the white butterfly will appear cream in color. From a spiritual context, the cream butterfly is a great omen to see.

What does the blue butterfly signify spiritually?

The blue the blue butterfly is quite a common species of butterfly, therefore appearing in the countryside is to be expected. In the beautiful summer months, the blue butterfly often wonders by fluttering in grassy areas. Sometimes you may see a blue butterfly with other colorings, in folklore the blue butterfly represent solitude, relaxation, calmness and the desire to succeed in life. Blue is quite dreamy color and this butterfly can be associated with a new start and a brighter tomorrow. The blue butterfly can also indicate in spiritual terms goals need to be set. If you noticed blue butterflies in real life and your here in order to understand the superstitions it denotes that there's going to be a strong time of reflection. The life-cycle of the blue butterfly is around eight days and there are various different species of blue butterfly such as the Holly blue, the silver-studded blue.  The blue butterfly, like all butterflies drinks nectar and in particular enjoys fluttering around white clover. Going back to the spiritual meaning, to see a blue butterfly indicates that you need to relax in life. Remember that nothing is forever. In time, things will work out and you will get used to the way things are. 

What is the black butterfly meaning?

It seems to show terms the black butterfly is associated with bringing new beginnings. This is because of old folklore. It was believed in Scotland that the first black butterfly seen was the start of the but of a dry season. In many different cultures, such as Poland and Scandinavia the black butterfly is associated with transformation, rebirth and a new start in life. If you saw a black butterfly close to you in real life then this can signify that power is likely to shift. This could be power at work or, alternatively the fact that you wish to exert your power and others. The black butterfly in this sense he is associated with the new start and beginning. In my opinion, from the texts I've read the black butterfly in dreams represents change, symbolism and fresh new start.

What do red butterfly signifying dreams?

In order to answer this question, we need to turn into Indian mythology. The red butterfly in this sense was associated with “Passion” and the fact that one is in full power and “being at one” with others. I believe that the red butterfly is quite a powerful omen to see in real life. In Scotland, a place where superstitions are taken quite seriously. The red butterfly indicates social gatherings among society. I don't know how relevant the folklore is to our modern world, however, if you did see a red butterfly in a dream it can represent an untapped passion and that you need to pay attention to something in life.

What does a yellow butterfly mean?

The yellow butterfly  It is rather distinctive and its main scientific name is called Colias Croceus. Generally found in Europe the golden butterfly indicates cultivation. The yellow butterfly represents joy and contentment in happy times ahead. The yellow butterfly it is important to understand that the spiritual meaning of yellow indicates emotion and also challenge. It could be your feeling Rather depressed and the reason why a butterfly entered your dream with that you need to cheer up. If we look at Indian mythology the yellow butterfly symbolized spirit guides. The fact that you need to be guided in order to focus on life. The yellow butterfly in this sense can bring intuition and also creativity. If you noticed multiple yellow butterflies flying in your dream represents that beyond ever think you will achieve. 

What does an orange butterfly mean?

There are many different types of orange butterfly stop some such as a large skipper has orange and brown colorings. Alternatively, chequered type butterfly can also signify orange tone. Orange butterflies represent positive times, assertiveness, and also how we interact with people. Orange is obviously the color of fire and can represent that there may be a period of discord. Perhaps a minor upheaval but in the end, the right result will prevail. In my research, the orange butterfly if seen in the wild represents joy will come your way.

What does a purple butterfly mean?

A butterfly it is quite a rare species. If you could see the purple butterfly represent possible encounters with somebody that will be rather deep. In my experience, the purple butterfly can indicate a new relationship will be formed. I remember once when I dreamt of several purple butterflies flying up to the clouds the sky was turquoise blue. It was a most beautiful dream. After I have such dream I met a number of different friends. Therefore, I would say my experience the purple butterfly represents new relationships or social gatherings which will be on the rise.

What does a green butterfly mean?

A green butterfly in Indian mythology represents career, work, and trade. In my view, the green butterfly also fortells grounding. If we look at the symbolism of green butterfly we can tap into the importance of the saying “hard work pays off.” If you've been up against competition recently, perhaps you have discovered difficulties communicating with others. Alternatively seeing a green butterfly can suggest that problems will soon dissolve. In modern life, we are so busy. We have so much information, especially now the Internet has transformed the way that we communicate. The green butterfly can represent commerce and trade the fact that you really are in the right career for you. If you don't feel that you're in the right career the green butterfly dream can be an omen of change for the better. At the end of the day, the only person that can change things is you! No matter what you dream. The green butterfly it is also associated with money. Obviously, in our life many currencies are green. Therefore to see a green butterfly this means wealth, trade, commerce and the ability to move forward with the project work commitment.

What does it mean to see a black and white butterfly?

Known as the marbled white. This is the most commonly black and white butterfly, which is common in July. Normally this wonderful butterfly comes into our gardens and grassland and brings with it a spiritual message. The black-and-white butterfly represents a polar opposite. Black-and-white is quite interesting symbolism it represents good and bad, a union and the yin and yang. The black and black butterfly is associated with a new start for the better or worse. I almost like to think that the black-and-white symbolism is very similar to the fortune card the wheel of fortune in the tarot deck. Anything is possible, for positive or negative his likes to beaming a wheel of fate anything can happen. If you see a black and white butterfly landing on you or flying around you or in your dreams this represents to focus on goals in life.

What does imply for butterflies to be your animal totem?

A butterfly as your animal totem can bring to you different characteristics which include:

  • Transformation:  As a totem, the transformation is the most important element of a butterfly. They are well known to move from one stage of their lives to the next from a caterpillar to butterfly. So, after a meditation, if the butterfly represents your animal totem, there is a possibility that you may encounter many changes in your life. You could also be going through a period of transformation which could involve changing your habits or own personality. Butterflies can change their lifestyle easily. Spiritually, this omen can suggest that you may have to accept changes with the focus they deserve. I will say this, now is your time to grow personally and at the back of your mind, you should remember that, before change comes, you will need to let go of something or someone that is holding you back. You will need to let go of the old and embrace the new and see how wonderful your life becomes. 
  • Being Free: A butterfly is a symbol of being free and the energy that you need to focus on life. The butterfly embraces the changes in its life with grace. Of course, I have mentioned transition and the fact the butterfly adapts to a new way of life - a kind of "rebirth". In meditation, the butterfly can appear as your animal totem. I love the fact that the butterfly is associated to our freedom. I will say try to leave all that happened in the past. What is in the past is there. Try to focus on moving forward, embracing some key changes that have changed who you are.  The journey of freedom is going to be made successful by the butterfly as your guide in spirit. I will say, you are going to feel free from what happened in your past and you will be ready for the new things that are currently happening in your life. 
  • Dancing: If a butterfly is your animal totem then dancing and having great fun will be associated with your life. you will always be reminded that life is a dance and don't take too many things seriously! Yes, you need fun in life. This will bring to your life, contentment, and happiness. As your animal totem, the butterfly will understand your rebirth - new changes and transformation in life. Other people in life may have influenced you. 
  • Being Patient: If the butterfly appears before you then the answer to your problems is being more patient. In life, we are sometimes so hectic. Modern life can take its tool. The butterfly could be trying to calm you down and remind you that you need to be patient in life in order to achieve your goals and be ultra successful. I would say maybe you need to spend more time harmonizing your thoughts and emotions. If you do so, you will be able to know yourself more and be ready for changes which are going to happen in your life. 
  • Releasing fears:  If you worry allot (yes we all do), then you need to welcome the butterfly as your animal totem in order to diminish your fears. Your past is what I say, behind you and you should be confident. What is waiting for you in the future is bigger and better than what you currently have. Don’t be afraid of any changes which are about to happen in your life. All the changes that will occur are for your own good and thus, you should embrace them with an open heart and mind.  Trust that something greater is going to happen to you and you are going to be more successful. There will be several opportunities awaiting you in the near future. As a totem animal, the butterfly will help you to overcome all the obstacles on your way to success, you will be able to get rid of everything that has been holding you back for a very long time. You are going to be free and receive a miraculous transformation.
  • Life stages: It is a well-known factor that, a butterfly goes through those four stages in life which I have spoken about at lengths above. A butterfly as your animal totem means that you should associate yourself with the stages of your own life changes. Additionally, look at the stages of life. You should take it as a normal occurrence for the changes that appear in different stages and make you feel differently emotionally strong in your life. 
  • Contentment and happiness: More happiness should be present in your life if you profess the butterfly to be your animal totem.  It has the brightness of colors which attracts us as humans to watch them. Thus, you should let your life glow in order to attract others. You could be going through a difficult period, but the good news is that with the butterfly as your animal totem, you will need to see things from a positive perspective and brighten up.  This will, in turn, make your life more colorful and help you to express your true bright colors to the entire world. 
  • Support: If you are going through a transformation in your life, then you should call on the butterfly to be your animal totem if you need support. If you are undergoing changes in your relationship or your place of work, you need support, and it can only come from the butterfly as an animal totem. Think about how others can help you transmit through a transformation period in life.
  • Our Soul:  Since time immemorial, it has always been known that a butterfly is a symbol of the soul. It is a reminder to you that, your life is the journey of your own soul. Many cultures like the New Zealand, Asian, Aztec and Mexican cultures have embraced the butterfly in their cultures and believed they were a secret “spiritual guide.”

What do butterflies tattoos mean?

Tattoos of butterflies are very common and all of them come with a different meaning. As I have pointed out before they are a sign of life, love, beauty or intuition. It could also symbolize your immortality and spirituality. To have a tattoo on the arms (of a butterfly) is symbolic of your connection with your femininity and nature as a whole. 

What does the bible say about butterflies?

A butterfly representing transformation and change is quoted severally in the Bible: In Romans chapter 12 and verse 2 it talks about not being conformed to this world, but to be transformed by the renewed mind so that you prove what is good and acceptable and perfect will of God. 2 Corinthians chapter 5 and verse 17 speaks of being a new creature when you accept Christ, old things passing away and all things becoming new. In Psalms chapter 119 and verse 50, the bible talks about comfort being an affliction and the word changing the affliction. In John chapter 3 and verse 16, it talks about God loving the world to the extent that He sent His only son that whosoever believes in him doesn’t perish but have an eternal life. 

How do butterflies mate?

There are four stages in a butterfly’s life. In the beginning, it is an egg attached to the underside of a leaf. The egg then hatches into a butterfly larvae, the caterpillar. The intent of a caterpillar is to make sure that, it consumes as much food as it can in order to sustain the time in the cocoon - in order to help during its transformation into a butterfly. This takes place during the pupal stage. The butterfly then emerges from the pupal level. Whereas the larva stage is for eating, the adult stage is for mating. 

I will get to the basics now. A sperm from a male butterfly fertilizes the female egg. The butterflies recognize their sexes via color, size, shape and vein structure of the wings. They also recognize each other through scents or pheromones. The males use clasping organs to mate on the abdomens of the grasps females where they provide more than one sperm. They provide what is referred to as spermatophore, which is a package that the female will use to produce and lay eggs. 

The sperm is then stored in a sac until it is ready to lay her egg. The eggs are then fertilized using the last sperm it received. For this reason, some males, after mating, seal the female so that she does not mate with any other male.  The eggs have to be kept warm and at a humidity that is right. If there is too much moisture, the egg will either be attacked by fungus or rot.  There is a chance the egg will dry if too small.  The egg will be placed strategically in a place whereby, immediately it hatches, the caterpillar will need to eat. 

What is the symbolism of a butterfly?

I wanted to just really summarize some of the things I have said and touch on the symbolism of the butterfly. I will say that seeing a butterfly could mean that you do in fact have a “butterfly” animal totem. 

The symbolism accredited to animals and represented by a butterfly can be listed as:

  • Rising from the dead or rebirth.
  • Change of state.
  • Joy of achievement.
  • Enlightenment.
  • The time domains of the past, the present, and the future.
  • The inner spirit or soul.

Butterfly shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You find it difficult to adjust to change.
  • When you find yourself too worried about the present
  • You feel worried about the outcome of a present situation.
  • The feeling of joy is being lost.
  • You lose touch with your current reality or are out of patience.
  • It is time to move on to a new place in your life.
  • You need joy or creativity in your life.

Call on a Butterfly as a spirit guide when

  • You face a drastic change in your life.
  • You feel it hard to adjust to the loss that you’ve recently had.
  • You are mourning the loss of spirituality or feel that you are losing faith.
  • You want courage to enjoy good things, even though small, in life.
  • You want to harness the energy of your soul.
  • You seek enlightenment.
  • You are going through a transformation process but need support.

Butterfly shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You find it difficult to adjust to change.
  • When you find yourself too worried about the present
  • You feel worried about the outcome of a present situation.
  • The feeling of joy is being lost.
  • You lose touch with your current reality or are out of patience.
  • It is time to move on to a new place in your life.
  • You need joy or creativity in your life.

Call on a Butterfly as a spirit guide when

  • You face a drastic change in your life.
  • You feel it hard to adjust to the loss that you’ve recently had.
  • You are mourning the loss of spirituality or feel that you are losing faith.
  • You want courage to enjoy good things, even though small, in life.
  • You want to harness the energy of your soul.
  • You seek enlightenment.
  • You are going through a transformation process but need support.

By Florance Saul
Jan 27, 2013