The first thing I will say as I don't believe that this is true being and is found in fairy stories of Russian descent. Many stories have been handed down from generation to generation.

This demon belongs to Slavic mythology and his heritage comes from accounts of dead animals In the lake in Eastern Slavonia. Bukavac waits to pounce on the next human or animal, silently waiting in the waters for his prey. When an animal or human comes near the lake, these demons are waiting and this is when (according to Russian occult texts) is when Bukavac attacks.When I first started to understand Bukavac I could not imagine the type of creature he was. I am sure it would creep you out if you saw it. It was even reported in one ancient Russian text that if you could see it in the mirror then it is likely that your body will disintegrate into water. He prefers to come out at night and traps passers-by. Bukavac is also a well as a name for a musician I am going to provide you with a detailed overview of this interesting demonic creature. Just scroll down.

Where does the story of Bukavac come from?

In Slavic mythology, there are generally stories that have been passed down from generation to generation in Russian literature. In Croatian, Bukavac translates to “bittern” in English. The bittern is part of the heron family, and they are a marsh bird, which is extremely rare, now the interesting thing about the bittern is that they are highly secretive. So too is Bukavac, as a demon. In occult work, it is not uncommon to come across various Bukavacs and defense is of paramount importance. The females generally sit behind the males and tend to be black in color. They both only attack at night. I know this might creep you out but there have been accounts of animals found strangled by lakes as mentioned in the opening paragraph. 

The demon has six legs and is nocturnal, he has antlers and in some cases can move freely on land, but due to his huge body (9 foot) is likely to struggle. In ancient Russian texts, this demon lives at night in a pool or lake as many people reported seeing a number of dead animals near the lake of Srijem and Serbia, notably Vojvodina. 

Where does Bukavac come from?

In the Russian, Goncharov’s novel Oblomov (1856) indicates that Bukavac was born through visions and dreams by the lake. In Russian folklore, many demons have been created and exist through dreams. In the water, this demon/monster roars and makes many sounds. He wonders through forests but most notably found by water. Plus, these stories all hold a secret meaning. Bukavac is a demonic creature who is considered “noisy”.

The demon is Russian in origin and much literature provides details around how Bukavac made an impact on the world as being a bearer of emotional destruction. Due to his size of around 9 foot, he normally sits just below the water edge. In Russia, demons were associated with a belief system, in particular, Bukavac was associated with being a recluse, sitting in water a few inches deep and waiting for a victim. The Bukavac is similar to a reptile and holds reptilian blood, he is adept at hunting and has a life-span of around seven years.

The male Bukavac have its testicles inside themselves so it is impossible to know if the monster is male or female. Bukavacs are oviparous which means that they lay eggs, the female Bukavac monitors the eggs and there is slight behavior change during a mating season. They do not sit at the edge of the lake, instead of the middle so that the females can sit on the eggs which are often nested in reeds.

Even though they live alone it is not uncommon for Bukavac to reside together in different parts of a lake.  I always feel uncomfortable writing about demons but if you are here to try to understand what this demon means or learn more about this type of demon, especially if you come across one in occult work. Bukavac normally attacks animals and people, in ancient lore he is supposed to strangle them, if you have encountered this demon in your visions or dreams then healing is required. I hope this gives you some clarity and blessings, Flo.

Source: Hlobi, Before You, 106

By Florance Saul
Apr 20, 2018