Booby - bird species in Central and South American Coast that commonly known as fond of hunting fish.

The name booby is derived from the Spanish word “bobo” which means fool.

If a booby bird comes your way and calls for your attention, what does it want to communicate with you? From the nature of the creatures’ name derived from the word which connotes silliness, this means being associated with man’s original instinct which is to survive.

Unlike any other birds, booby birds are not easy target food of other animals. Their most common predators are human. Other animals can only fed on the chicks of the booby but adults are too big for them.

Perseverance in fish hunting is a remarkable trait of booby birds. They can survive in hunting except for their known predators in oceans which are odd sharks. As observed in booby birds, they naturally become more beautiful as they get older which feet becomes brighter in color.

Age should not defy beauty within you. It may be unavoidable for humans to get old but nevertheless, there should be a lot of things learned from various experiences that could make up for our stunning old age. You have to refrain from putting limitations in your capability for it only depends on how decisive you are to conquer your aims.

To have animal totem is a way of reminding us about a lot of things in life that people aims to achieve. It also reminds us to appreciate our surroundings whether it is our own place or not. Learn to value things for they might unexpectedly become either contributor to success or reason for failure.

If you are afraid to face identified risks that may affect your life, what strength can a booby gift share? It’s the wisdom of a booby bird to be fearless. They have never been subjected to be preyed by just any other animal because of its protective traits.

Booby birds mostly thrive near seashore for it is where their survival depends on. With their survival instincts, they are also known for their agility in water which means they have greater probability of survival even not in their primary habitat. Its link with water is also equated with flexibility.

As observed, among the nature of booby birds is display of their courtship which symbolizes magnification of felt emotions. If you have this animal, be concerned of your relationships with others that you may be able to let others feel that you care.

Love and care that is not translated is never felt. It is important that people surrounding you are aware of your emotions toward them.

The wisdom of booby includes understanding different layers that can be associated with the ability to read the actuation's of people around you. This can also be manifested with your ability to accept possible changes that may come your way unexpectedly.

The BOOBY shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You learn to have easy grasp and in-depth understanding of the world around you.
  • Survival instinct surfaces at time mostly needed.
  • Ability to conquer fear.
  • Able to face arising risks.
  • Maintains open communication relationship with people around you.

Call on BOOBY as a spirit guide when

  • Desires strength to face risk and challenges in life.
  • Open communication with loved ones is difficult to achieve.
  • There is the need to have understanding of oneself and your surroundings.
  • Life seems to be critical.
  • Trust cannot be easily bestowed to others.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013