The bobcat animal is a symbol of patience.

A North American wild cat twice as big as the domesticated cat, bobcats are superb hunters, employing stealth and predatory techniques with infinite patience. Thus, people who choose the bobcat as their animal totem are taught to make plans, they adapt to life’s strategies and have the patience to see their plans through to completion.

Concerning social matters, the bobcat admonishes one to be conscious, to extend love, respect and consideration towards friends, family and associates at work. This is something that must be done with effort as bobcats are comfortable in solitude.

As you travel along life’s journey, you may bump into a bobcat totem animal. To see his footprints are signs that soon you will need to teach others your own valuable life lessons. Animal tracks are signs of life objectives according to North American Indian tribes.

The tracks are also a mythic of the past. These tribes use these animate or inanimate objects as their symbol. If a particular symbol is non-human, it is called a totem, an emblem of the tribe.

The bobcat is a solitary creature, if this shows up as your spirit guide then it can suggest that you need to keep a distance from certain people in your life. Or perhaps, the bobcat is suggesting that you need time by yourself to reflect and gather strength.

You could also be in the public eye for a while. In essence things are exhausting you and now it is time for a respite. Bobcat tracks also signal more opportunities are on offer that will enrich one’s life. There is a suggestion of being stuck in a rut and some recreation and challenges will invigorate you.

The bobcat is also a mythical creature. It encourages one to focus on their spirituality. This spirit animal means that one must step back from the bustle of modern living. The advice is to look inside yourself and reconsider your past affections.

The bobcat appears in our lives as a sign to delve in our deepest thoughts. It is a sign that we must remember our secret dreams, our real passions and it is important to show others our true characteristics.

As a spiritual teacher, the bobcat is wise with much to share, but one must be receptive. People who have the bobcat as their totem are usually deep with thought. The bobcat cab be often regarded as resentful and bitter.

But this is not always true. Bobcat spirit guides are philosophical and they tend to organize their life intellectually, seldom receiving emotional support from anyone. Consequently, they are protective of themselves and at times feel isolated. The bobcat, a strong creature of the wild, is a great guide in the lives of people of the same fortitude.

Discover the implications on your life by encountering the paw prints of the bobcat pass you by! Rightly identified and ready for communication the bobcat aids in spiritual maturity. The bobcat totem will help emotional growth, intellectual development, and much needed flexibility will enter the lives of those who are wise enough to keep it as their totem.

Bobcat shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need clear vision in dark places.
  • You are able to see through the masks that some people may wear – those that are two faced.
  • You are seeking to know about mystical mysteries.
  • You are able to live in solitude.
  • You feel that you should be watchful.

Call on Bobcat as a spirit guide when

  • Your world seems dark to you.
  •  You feel confused.
  • You feel suspicious of a given issue.
  • You want to live in solitude.
  • You need to be vigilant.
  • You require wise advice.

By Flo Saul
Mar 23, 2013