Blue Whale

Blue Whale

If you ever come across a magnificently large blue whale in meditation then great things are in store.

The Blue Whale is a marine mammal that is the largest animal that ever existed on Earth. Australia for instance, has about six species of them. They even have a celebrity called Migaloo, which is a pure-white humpback blue whale.

Their body structure enables them to swim perfectly in the seas and oceans without restraint. Their diet consists of school fish, cephalopods, planktons, and krill among others. They are intelligent and social creatures with exclusive sounds and songs. They have great energy and inspiration that is quite symbolic to humans.

What symbolic features can we learn from them? Their energy demonstrates culture and diversity among people. They can communicate among themselves, socialize and live ecologically in their surroundings. This motivates humans to live in harmony regardless of our different cultures and backgrounds.

The power to produce unique sounds that they are able to understand a lesson for us on the importance of a song as a way of communication. When they chant, they can sing. Songs convey messages in an emotional or inspirational manner. A great song can heal a wounded heart and revive a dead hope. Try listening to a love song after meeting this animal totem.

Are you emotionally and even spiritually attached to your mother? The energy of blue whales elaborates this bond. They like swimming together in two or in a family. They demonstrate a great relationship that can be emulated by humans. Thus, if one is having family problems this is the animal totem to call upon.

The blue whale’s energy encourages us to grow and move from one level to another, socially and economically. This shows that we should not dwell so much on dreaming about our future that we forget to live a better life today. We should come to reality. We need to realize what is going on around us. We ought to use the present to make a better tomorrow.

They enlighten us to value communication. They can chant and produce moans, groans and pulses. They can listen to one another even up to a distance of 1000 miles away. If we can communicate effectively, then most of our problems can be solved. Other people may have a solution to your problem so you better communicate with each other.

The blue whale’s energy symbolizes the sacred heart in us. When you have a quiet moment, you try to meditate and feel religious. Our spirits communicate with other spirits in this quiet time. You express holiness as you ponder on life just as blue whales swim perfectly in cool waters as they hold their breathe through the lungs.

Apart from all the good characteristics we can learn from blue whales, it is evident that they can also bring negative energy into our souls. The blue whale spirit can make us deny who we really are. We may not be able to accept ourselves in the way we are and so we cannot live happily. This is because we want to move to greater heights. This may cause depression and lung diseases to our body. Otherwise search your heart and let the blue whale in you take you to places. You were meant for greatness.

Blue Whale shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to express yourself.
  • You need quiet moments.
  • You need to socialise.
  • You are weary.
  • You need to meditate.

Call on Blue Whale as a spirit guide when

  • You need to grow economically.
  • You need companion.
  • You are in denial of who we really are.
  • You need to make some intelligent decisions.
  • You need to be religious.

By Florance Saul
Mar 26, 2013