Blue Color Therapy

Blue Color Therapy

Blue is one of the primary colors. It is from the light spectrum with a wavelength of approximately 440-490 NM.

The complementary color for blue is yellow, according to the HSV color wheel. The origins of the word is from the french term “blue”. From a philosophical point of view, blue is related to the throat chakra, and the organs associated with it are the lungs, the thyroid gland and the throat.

This chakra relates to the way people express themselves, it is about communication - the ability to freely say your requirements and desires. Blue is known to have a calming and soothing effect upon people.

It is also known to stimulate the intellect, and to encourage communication.

Nowadays, medicine has observed these benefits brought by the color blue, and started using it in the treatment of diseases like: insomnia, liver diseases, psycho-emotional agitation, aggression problems, arterial hypertension, throat diseases, headaches and heat stroke.

This color has a calming effect upon us because it relaxes and slows down the lymphatic system and the cardiovascular one.

It is said that blue should not be used in the treatment of people who have the flu, depressive states, fatigue states or rheumatic diseases. But the color does only affect medical treatment, it is also believed that a room should only be painted blue if it is a lighter blue, in order to relax people, but not help them get into a state of depression.

Also, when a person likes or uses blue, it can tell us that he or she is loyal, tactful, trustworthy, peaceful and calm.

Also, if a person owns a blue car, he or she is said to be reliable, cool, calm and quiet.

Around the world, blue is a symbol of many different things, as in the examples: in China, blue represents spring, wood and east; in Iran blue is a sacred color, representing paradise; in Mexico, it is used for mourning; the Catholics associate blue with the Virgin Mary.

Other interesting facts are that most toothbrushes in the world are blue, the only birds who cannot see this color are owls, people seem to be more productive while working in rooms that are blue, and the blue ribbon is an international symbol of child abuse awareness.

Blue is also used in a series of expressions, sometimes keeping and continuing the same idea about the color (that it is calm, loyal and peaceful), like: to be true and blue (meaning to be faithful), to have blue blood (meaning to be an aristocrat, referring to the intelligence earlier mentioned), and other expressions that have no connection to these ideas, like: to be out of the blue (unexpected), or feeling blue (sad).

The favorite color of many people, blue is used in medicine to relax people, it is associated with calm, loyal and intelligent people, and it is recommended not to be used for those predisposed to depressing moods. A very interesting quote about this color belongs to John Ruskin, who said: “Blue color is everlastingly appointed by the deity to be a source of delight.”

By Florance Saul
Feb 12, 2013