Blue Candle Spells

Blue Candle Spells

Healing Spell Blue Candles are commonly used for healing.

This spell is designed for physical ailments and healing and can be done with another person. The more people that you have present in this spell the stronger that it will be. This spell is especially good for healing after surgery or from an accident. It can also be used to help for healing from an emotional trauma. The spell is not bending another’s will so it can be done repeatedly without negative consequences. What you need:

  • A light blue candle for mental health issues
  • A dark blue candle for physical health issues
  • A piece of parchment (large enough to write the person’s name)

Start by lighting the candle and meditating on healing blue energy being created into a ball above the candle. This can take some time so do not force it. Allow the light to create into the ball and sit above the flame. When ready, write the name of the person that you wish healing for and then light the parchment on fire.

Sit back and meditate on the energy settling on the person that you desire to heal, filling their body with a warm vibrant blue energy that heals them.

Chant while doing this:

“Healing hands and healing heart. I send this light to (name) to heal them in their time of need. Send this healing from me (or us) to them with no harm so mote it be.”

Continue this chant until you feel the healing energy engulf the person in need. When you are ready you can walk away but allow the candle to burn all the way out.

Truth Seeking Spell

For this spell you will need a plain blue taper candle and a white candle. This spell is best with fast burning candles and because of this beeswax candles are ideal. You can also use a combination candle that has blue and white mixed in. This spell is designed to get the truth out of a situation and can be used if you expect that someone is not telling you the truth or the full truth about something.

What you need

  • A blue candle taper
  • A white candle taper
  • Frank Incense and Myrrh Essential Oil

Before lighting the candle you want to anoint the candle with the oil. To do this you will begin in the middle with a dab of oil on your pointer finger and thumb. Twist the candle between your hands clockwise and rub up the candle almost like you are wringing out a rag. Do this three times while saying to yourself:

“I bless this candle with the oil of truth. I anoint this candle to guide me true.”

Light the candle(s) and say:

“Candle of blue and white show me the truth by tomorrow night. Reveal to me the truth in lies that has been told to me by (name). Reveal the truth be it bad or good. Reveal the truth so that I can see. Truth revealed, so mot e it be.”

Allow the candle to burn all the way out. Your truth should come within 24 hours. If you do not get a desired result you may have to do the spell one or two more times, depending on how deep the deception is. For cheating partners, this can be difficult to find out. You may want to add an elemental truth seeker to do your work as well. See: working with elemental.

Love Abounds Spell

This spell is designed to help harmony come back to a relationship, household, or work space. This ritual does ask to bend the will and heal the heart of those involved and can take time for results. However with the spell it has great results when done on the full moon and Wednesday or Sunday.

What you need

  • A sheet of paper
  • A pen
  • A blue candle

Write the name of the individuals on the piece of paper and imagine all of these people getting along and a happier time in the relationship. This can be done for you and a partner, for family members, or for friends. If this spell is for your own home it is good to do the work before time and then have the candle burning throughout the day in the area where the people will be present.

Light the candle and say

“This shining light shall lead the way to happy times between the people listed here. Their troubles now make them far apart but this spell will draw them near. Heal their heads and heal their hearts. Cleanse the air so love, peace, and happiness can grow again. My will be done with good intentions, and harm none in the end.”

Light the paper on fire and let it burn to ash.

Allow the candle to continue burning until it goes out on its own.

By Florance Saul
Nov 12, 2012