Black Panther Animal totem

Black Panther Animal totem

The black panther is a symbol of regaining power, aggressiveness, protector, feminine, death and rebirth, knowledge on dark, lunar control, astral movement.

Many cultures have panther references in their lore, but it is most strongly held in South America. The panther is considered as a channel through sacred power across many cultures. The scared power is moon.

In ancients Egypt people used to dress up with panther tail as collars and belts as a belief that it would guard them and make them stronger. In Greek mythology Panther represents 'Argos of a Thousand Eyes' who guarded Zeus's beloved heifer IO. The thousand eyes were transferred to peacock feather after he passed away.

The panther represents leopard, jaguar and puma. Their ferocity crosses that of lions and tigers although being smaller to them. They are rapid swimmers and climbers. Their actions are firm and quick as they can shoot great speed time to time.

Panther cannot keep up with the same speed at a stretch, like the cheetah. They are sprinters but can go to high speeds quickly. People with panther totem need to build perseverance. They need to practice patience and also know how to tame themselves from putting too much effort on a task at a time.

The panther leads isolated life according to their own choice. Panther people enjoy living completely by themselves and often enjoy company of others who prefers solitude. Panther women are often found rearing children on their own.

They possess clear vision which enables them to see and hear beyond normal grasp of people. They can relate to and understand the other dimension of life through their insight and experience. Panther people with years of experience and insight are bestowed with supernatural power.

Panthers are flexible being, they possess over 400 muscles which allow them escape any hostile situations or became stiff to camouflage with surroundings. The most gifted trait of panther is their quietness, they are silent predators. They can ambush prey without causing a slight hint to their prey. They are aware of themselves so much that they know when to become visible and when not.

The panther also represents the unseen and untold truth of the world which only resides in darkness. Thus, the panther has a link with lunar powers. The black panther holds the mystery within them and portrays realms of night and look for the knowledge endowed within darkness.

Panther people often come up with cosmic wisdom and are devoted to it. They also guard their knowledge and hand out to only those who can have the grasp of it.

Panthers are responsive to the stimulation. Their slender and subtle body is covered with fur. The hair on its face can detect slightest vibration. People having a panther as their totem animal can sense subtle changes around them.

Panthers show up as a spirit guide when

  • You are seeking knowledge from something hidden such as religion or the truth of another’s heart.
  • Notice subtle changes around, but can’t pin point the reason.
  • Want psychic powers or abilities.
  • Need to be more flexible but are having a hard time doing so.
  • Are seeking questions about life.

Call on a Panther as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be able to keep your mouth shut or need help holding back what is on your mind.
  • You are seeking mystic powers.
  • You need focus or concentration.
  • You want sexual confidence.
  • Others look to you for skill and you need to teach them.

By Florance Saul
Jan 27, 2013