Binding magic is located in the somewhat moral gray area of magical practice.

It is the concept in magic which describes the ability of using your sheer force of will, sometimes in combination with using a physical object to represent the person that you want to bind in order to either draw them to you for the purpose of controlling them or to stop them from harming you.

The reason this is a relatively gray area and not strictly black or white is because the intention behind binding is relative to the individual doing the work. In magic it is always about the intention. Many assert that the concept of binding is one that has pros as well as cons.

It is beneficial because you are able to accomplish the work that you set out to do such as well, but it is negative because binding in a sense creates a relationship between you and the person you seek to bind.

If you are really trying to get rid of someone, you would want to give them less energy not more. The laws of the Universe say that the more you think about something, the more of that something you will get.

Therefore the more energy you put in the more you will get out. With this in mind, there are different kinds of binding to acquire different results

Binding is a highly personal art that expresses the personality or the desires of the magician. There is no need to stick with one formatted way of binding because casting a binding can be highly dependent on the situation that you find yourself in. However, here are some common examples of binding that can be used in your everyday life, and have been used for hundreds of years.

For most techniques, you will need something that physically represents the person that you are trying to bind, either a photograph, something they have touched, or sometimes just their name on a piece of paper written with intention will get the job done.

Binding with ice

The technique of ice binding is a good tool for many different purposes. But the primary reason behind using it is so that you can stop, or freeze both the advances and the energetic attack of others, as well as freeze the input that someone is making on your behalf. In order to complete this binding, you would place the picture, the name, or the object associated with the person you wish to bind, into a receptacle, such a plastic Ziploc bag or a container and fill it with water. As the water freezes, so does the magic of the person you are binding. This is an excellent way to defend oneself and if you have an enemy whose attacks on you are frequent this would in essence put them ‘on ice.’ Suddenly their attacks would be no good and you would not feel their effect. In fact on their end, they would feel relatively muted or even kept in a kind of life suspension while they attempt to make an attack on you.  Inevitably they would figure out that they should stop and only after determining that the attacks have ceased should you take the item out of the freezer and allow it to defrost. Most prefer burying the leftover relic, so that it can be recycled into the Earth. Take into account the toxicity of the relic that you leave behind. Poisoning the mother is never a good way to go.

Binding with Ribbons

Creating a binding spell with ribbons or string is a binding technique that is primarily meditative in nature. You must have a photo or an object of the person that you wish to bind, and then plan out what aspect or issue that you have been having a problem with that you want to focus on in your binding. If someone has wronged you in some way, the goal of the binding is to prevent that from continuing; essentially severing the connection they have with you. What you would do in this case is come up with a rhyme or a chant that specifically describes this act that they have taken against you, and then repeat over and over again how you want them to stop. While doing so, you begin to slowly move the ribbon or the string around the photo or object inevitably covering it up entirely. The goal here is for you to put yourself into a meditative state whereby you focus all of your will and intention on this act. Many people choose to then bury this object so that it can continue to take effect but you have essentially let go of it. Others keep it on their altar as a ‘work in progress,’ while you gather the evidence that you need to verify that their attack against you has been thwarted.

Binding with fire

Binding with fire should only ever be used in the most extreme of circumstances. If someone has just wronged you in an ego-crunching way, and inevitably you will talk it out and be friends or lovers again – DON’T DO THIS. The goal of Binding with fire is to get rid of this person, for good. As in get them out of your life forever. They have wronged you in such a way that you never want to see their face again. This is not a spell to physically harm anyone, but what it does do, is basically burn their presence right on out of your life. Imagine what happens when you take an object or a photo and you burn it. Well, if it is paper, it burns right up leaving only ash. If it is plastic (don’t burn plastic) it melts, and smells bad and is utterly destroyed. You cannot unburn something once you have burned it. Keep this in mind when you are ready to use fire to bind someone. There are no take backs. With ice, the stalemate could cease and things could go back to normal, in which case you just thaw out the ice and all is well. But you can’t do that with fire. Be aware.

By Florance Saul
Jun 27, 2012