Bee Spiritual Meaning

Bee spiritual symbol

Is seeing a bee a good sign? How can the bee help you in your life? I'm here to help you. You have made the conscious decision to live a more meaningful life by understanding the message of the bee. Symbolically and spiritually there are many hidden omens, secrets, and mysticisms in encountering a bee, and I am here to guide you.

The bee has a role to pay in your life

The universe has heard you and is ready to assist you at every step of the way. If we understand why the bee visited you it can lead to the unmasking of spiritual secrets. The bee energy in our life will drive us to a destination that will help us awaken a new path. Bees are about soul connections and I will share with you the secret knowledge hidden in the debts of Egyptian caves and clay tablets the spiritual meaning of seeing a bee. Obviously, this won't be relevant for all people but the fact you are here, reading this text must mean something. Nothing just happens. Everything is mapped out in life. You are here to learn what this bee is saying to you!

Dance with your bee in understanding honey is money!

Seeing a bee can show that you need to review your work patterns. Sweet honey is the same as money for bees. Bees work hard and create things, just like we do. Honey is their reward, money is ours. It is the raw material that they need to survive, prosper and thrive--just as money is for us. Honey leaving the bees would be like you walking out of your paycheck. Bees are big spenders, they work hard and produce honey. In a work context, this can mean you may feel that you are not meeting your potentially financially do you feel different? Now, it is not unusual for us as human beings to fit in or be in some spiritual or another closet.  However, this goes against what we are as souls. Multifaceted. Exquisitely unique. The omen of a bee is telling you that hard work = money. 

It can mean that some days you may just drift by without actually thinking about the end goal. This will make us feel more alone, unreachable, and isolated. It's easier for people to discover us and for us to create lives that feel in harmony with our souls. The more we hide our need for money, the more isolated and disoriented we will feel in our world and in our own lives. So, the spiritual message is, that you deserve money. You need money. But remember, that hard work needs to be yours?

    Why is seeing a bee spiritually important?

    In Egyptian hieroglyphs, they drew beekeeping which was a symbol of harvest. The Babylonians and druids believed bees were sent to us by the Sun God. This was because of the distinctive yellow stripes. Bees are magical insects and bring us internal power. There is no doubt, for a single moment, that the spiritual message here is related to work. The purpose is to take you up, like the bee and sour unbounded in the sky to release your own spiritually. Scientists and psychics can agree on one thing: energy is the basis of everything. This includes you. Right now, energy is flowing through every cell in your body, every atom in your lungs, and every part of your being. Life is energy and travels with us. It is the foundation of all that has been, is, and will continue to be.

    Energy is a subtle vibration that moves fast. Think of the bee, buzzing around with it’s vibration. Although it is completely neutral, energy responds to our emotions and actions, and in turn, we respond. It's not uncommon to be met with negative feelings when you walk into a room, I am sure you have encountered this at some stage. There is a secret message of the bee. When we are surrounded by positive thoughts, energy and vibrations for example when we meet a lover for the first time we feel so happy we can't believe it. We as human beings - all respond to vibrations around us.

    When we send our positive vibrations out, the universe that we live in response. It's almost as if everything we think, feel and do is reflected in the world around us. The world around us is a reflection of our inner beliefs as well as the beliefs of others. Remember, the bee is telling you to look at your energy levels, your vibrations and how you navigate the world.

    Questioning WHEN you have seen the bee - this is important

    The season and month of your bee encounter correspond to the energies that it is bringing into your life. These are the seasons that we can align to seeing the bee. For example:

    • SPRING: Seeing a bee in spring represents new beginnings and fertility, children, new ventures
    • SUMMER: Seeing a bee in the Summer months shows fullness, growth, and expansion. This is when bees are most active.
    • AUTUMN: To notice a bee around you in the Autumn can suggest a fresh start at work.
    • WINTER: In the winter: tranquillity, hibernation, rest, and introspection are required. Summer, can represent happiness, joy and pleasure.

    What is the spiritual meaning of seeing a bee during these months?

    January Bee Spiritual Message: In the winter months the bees die, the hive is a distant memory for some. Some bees will bounce back from winter and this is a time to relax. Is it time to bounce back in life. Are you caught in a honey trap? Overworked and underpaid is the message of seeing a bee in the winter, especially if it is dying. If your bee encounter was in January this can indicate moving from one relationship to another, undertaking a project, education, new beginnings, happiness and joy.

    February Bee Spiritual Message: Bees in February represent that you need a fresh outlook on life, it is still winter so the danger is still out there, it is time to cosy up in front of Netflix and take care of yourself. We don’t tend to do much during this month, it is normally cold and seeing the bee will be rare. This is a time that encourages you to not be out in the cold. Are you looking for new and exciting adventures that will push you to the limits? February is still winter, therefore, seeing a bee in this month is quite rare, it shows us the challenges of the bee to survive the winter months. Keywords for seeing a bee during this time are: feeling ambitious, curious, and driven.

    March Bee Spiritual Message: March is a risky time for bees. They can die of starvation in March if they don't have enough food throughout the winter. Metaphorically, food is your money. Are you still trying to budget or figure out how much money you need? There is a strong sense of justice during this time for the Bee therefore what is your justice? Bees are passionate about competition in all its forms, who is your competition?

    April Bee Spiritual Message: The weather gets slightly warmer in April and the blossoms appear which attract the bees. We also encounter April rain. Seeing a bee in April indicates that you are starting to move forward in life. If you are looking for new and exciting adventures that will push you to the limits in the coming year then seeing a bee in April normally means a fresh start. Spring is a time for rebirth and the omen of the bee is work, work, work! You may find yourself, immersing in the importance of making sure everything is in order. Is work is going your way? Can you properly have fun in life?

    May Bee Spiritual Message: May is a time of when flowers flourish and bees are out collecting the pollen, certainly, it is the fifth month and the number 5 spiritually means happiness and this indicates that it is a time for mothers to prosper. If you are a Mother and you see a bee in May it can suggest healing and happier times are coming your way. The reason being is that Mothers day is always in May, and bees seen by Mothers during this time can show joyful new beginnings.

    June Bee Spiritual Message: Honey bees in June become hungry, they are feeling the first stages of the summer months. There is a risk as well that bees sometimes cannibalise during this time. The honey starts to be created and if you see a bee during June it can suggest that you will meet someone significant according to 1930s folklore.

    July Bee Spiritual Message: Seeing a bee in July spiritually can be connected to power. July is the start of good weather. Seeing a bee in July is common as the hive population begins to flourish. Swarms start happening and colonies unite and split. Spiritually, seeing your bee in July can indicate a situation where you need to discuss something important with another. Some old folklore in England outlined that seeing a bee in July could be an omen to reunite with a friend.

    August Bee Spiritual Message: Bees are building up their nectar reserves during this time. The message of the buzz is that it is time to clear away difficult things, reduce negativity and focus on moving forward in life. Summer is a time to clear the paths for the way forward.

    September Bee Spiritual Message: Seeing a bee in September indicates moving towards hope. It means taking control of your life. Are you still doing fun things? Do you chase youth? September is a time in beekeeping to remove the honey, and the drones disappear. The hive is reduced and it means that there maybe some controversy in the bee world about who is the queen bee? Seeing a bee in September spiritually can indicate taking a chance on positioning yourself at work. Do you need to focus on what you are good at?

    October Bee Spiritual Message: October is a month when it begins to get colder. During this time of year, bees are preparing to gather for Winter. Seeing a bee in October is about setting your goals. In addition to Halloween, October is also a time when the spiritual message is about stocking up on resources for tougher times. You may naturally underrate your skills. Humans sometimes experience resistance, but the bee message is to be committed to your goals.

    November Bee Spiritual Message: It's no secret that bees go into clusters in November. When the Bee comes to you during this month, you may want to hide away at work. Our lives are like honey traps, the more we earn, the more we spend. What can the bee teach you about budgeting? Maybe it is a time to watch the pennies.

    December Bee Spiritual Message: Winter is about harvesting, eating making sure that the bees survive for the beekeeper. Spiritually, it is rare to see a bee in December. You need to be committed in your work and believe in your dreams if you have seen the bee in December. It can mean that you will encounter a quirky or highly successful person at work that you can learn from them. It is about coming around the table and representing your own goals. Everyone must follow their own goal and path, but if you don't know what your path is ask to be shown by the bee. The bee's behaviour is also important to understand. To see the bee fly past you in December is a sign that it is important to make sure you have a deep belief in yourself as it is rare for bees to survive the winter. Can you survive?

    What does it mean to hear a bee buzz?

    Raise your vibrations is the message of hearing a bee buzz. Bees, like technologies, are constantly buzzing, so mastering difficult things is never easy. Like the bee, think about how you buzz and you need to be able to do it quickly and repeatedly succeed in your life. It's not just important for you to become a star in any field, but to always listen to the buzz (motivation) inside you. The message of the bee is a vibration, and this is important spiritually. 

    What does it mean if a bee enters your house?

    One powerful omen is that happiness and light are coming into your home. Like when the sun rises people will turn to you for great joy in your work. Seeing the bee in your living room can indicate that you will have much balance in your work life and the opportunity of a new focus in life. This is a highly good omen, especially for individuals in a relationship, with children, or pursuing material achievement. 

    Seeing a bee in your kitchen means you should congratulate yourself on your accomplishments. You're doing well, so be grateful in life. A bee in the bedroom of your home sends out a positive message on how maintaining a happy mindset can lead to better health, happiness, and success. You have absorbed and integrated life's lessons. It's now time to congratulate yourself on your accomplishments. A bee in the bedroom is connected to your love life, it can signal that there could be some conflict. Who is going to sting you? If you are feeling uncomfortable in a relationship the bee here can indicate that it is time to get unstuck in your love life. 

    For the bee to be positioned by a window in your house, or even outside your home can indicate that you need to be aware of other people that may influence you. We don’t always know who they are as it remains a secret. The bee in this instance can indicate being hidden from difficulties in life. The glass of the window spiritually means a block between you are society.

    What does it mean spiritually for a bee to be near you?

    When a bee enters your house, lands on you or you see one flying in the sky this is about power. The ancient Egyptians had a relationship with bees and the reason why I mention this is that there are so many unanswered questions about the Egyptians and how they were able to example build tombs in line with stars I have researched their hidden relationship to bees which I will try to apply this to your life. 

    What does it mean to be stung by a bee?

    The venom in a bee sting contains proteins that can affect our skin, not all bees can actually sting. Bees show us defence when they sting and are a weapon to a threat in life. Bees are not normally aggressive and it is unusual for one to sting you. And did you know only around 100 people a year in the USA die from a bee sting, so you have more chance of dying in a car accident. Spiritually, a bee sting can mean that you are getting a wake-up call. In this sense, they are a symbol of hosting yourself for the sake of others and you may feel you are losing control.

    So answering the question: What is the spiritual meaning of being stung by a bee? This is an omen about not working. When you have worked hard to meet deadlines and are tired, this omen can appear. The bee is a sign you may have suffered an unexpected loss or need a break. This break is not for family vacations or fun. This must be a time to rest and recover. Being stung by a bee means it's time to get back in touch with yourself so that you can plan your next move. This omen is also useful if you're nearing the end of your career. This bee sting spiritually in this context is all about recovery and convalescence, sometimes, we don’t allow ourselves time to heal and recover from any health issues. Recovery may take longer than you expect, but it is imperative. Put yourself first during this time. Right now is the perfect time to establish healthy habits and routines. This bee sting also means that you need to consider hospitalization or rehabilitation. This time, it is saying you need a temporary break from the outside world to allow healing and growth.

    Spiritually, bee stings can represent retreat is needed. You may feel you are losing control. Spiritually, we can lose control of all aspects of our lives. Every day we have complete control over our thoughts, actions and choices. A bee's sting is a sign that you can regain control of your thoughts, actions and choices. Bees in general are symbolic of prosperity, success and growth but a sting is a wake-up call. The normal positive bee brings a message, that you must work hard but learn when you need a break.

    What does it mean to see a flying bee?

    A good work omen if you see a bee flying around you, especially near the face as it is trying to catch your attention. It is suggested that you may feel you will aim towards promotion. To bee landing near your face can indicate a raise or training that might be applicable to you. Ask yourself - are you worth your salary? You can expect unexpected success and help when you're looking for a job. You may already have the perfect job. You should be ready to grab an opportunity when it becomes available as the bee flying is also about quick action to get what you want in life. There are thousands of different bees, but the honeybee is the only bee that can produce honey. Each foot can taste what she touches. If you have seen a honeybee this omen is about the honey trap and I have gone into detail if you scroll down.

    What does it mean for a bee to land on you?

    For a bee to land on you, or near your body can indicate a sign that you may have been recently thinking about the future. Are you happy in your job? Are you ready to fight? This internal conflict cannot be avoided. Conflicts on what to do work-wise are likely to be unjust, unfair, or hard going. The exact area the bee lands on you is important. To land on your feet can suggest (due to ancient Scottish folklore) that you have a choice in the coming weeks. 

    Is a bee landing on you good luck?

    Many people have contacted me to ask this exact question. I believe that the bee landing on you is lucky for work situations as it represents desire. If the bee lands on your hands it can indicate that it is time to re-evaluate your work patterns. For a bee to land on your face (yes, can be startling) can indicate it is time to face up to what you need from a work context. If the bee lands near your body but not on you suggests that you will be lucky in the coming days according to Welsh folklore.

    What does it mean to see a dead bee?

    If you see a dead bee according to old folklore this can indicate that you need to focus on finances. If you are facing financial difficulties such as uninsured losses or unexpected bills then the omen of the dead bee could represent this. The dead bee omen means that you need to take time to heal from heartbreak, surgery or any other kind of trauma. To see a bee dying is the need to look objectively at your financial situation without judgement and with honesty. 

    Does seeing a dead bee mean I have to be careful about money?

    Once you are clear about your situation, you can start learning more about money and how you can improve your financial future. It is not a random thing for you to be reading this, in this universe, in whatever body you might be in. I do feel we have a true path in life. Soul-wise, this is what we chose. We are here for a reason, and the dead bee can mean that change is coming, like a rebirth in a work situation.

    What does seeing a swam of bees mean?

    Swarming bees are about reproduction and a single colony often splits into two other more if they have two queen bees. Swarming is an amazing site with all the bees huddled together. It is quite unusual to see this. Worker bees tend to leave and create swarms, and this is a vulnerable time in a bee's life. Let’s translate this into what it can mean for you. Are you going through a vulnerable time? Spiritually seeing a large group of bees connects to groups of people. It can suggest that you are focused on improving yourself in life and that you have been involved with a group of people in life. Let’s take the meaning of a swam for a moment. Seeing a swarm of bees spiritually can indicate that life seems busy at the moment? Are you busy? As I mentioned before are you feeling vulnerable at the moment?

    What do bees mean in love or relationships?

    Some people have asked me if seeing a bee is a positive sign of love. Yes, bees can indicate love and new relationships according to 1930’s folklore. If you are in a partnership or married then seeing a bee (especially if it enters your home) can be a signal of relationships that actually work. The bee itself remembers us to controlled, and there are love lessons that you need to learn. The honeycomb is connected to our own heart chakra and the love that we have for others. There has been much associated with twin flames meaning news and strong associations in regard to a soul connection. 

    What does seeing a queen bee signify if you see it?

    If you have seen the queen bee, this is about control in your life. Our lives are filled with interesting and varied decisions, the queen bee represents such decisions that you make. In life, you can take small steps or travel long distances in order to reach your goal. To see a queen bee is quite rare, but if you see the queen bee then this can symbolise moving from one relationship to another. If a queen bee lands on you this can indicate a university education, writing essays, and undergoing a spiritual transformation. The queen bee is associated with our internal growth in life she can symbolise that you are working on yourself and your life will be associated with good luck. 

    When the winter months come the queen bee is the only one left. The colony follows the queen bee which creates a swam. A queen bee is also connected to groups of people, and she represents the clique in life. Each queen bee is different and she can be thin, fat, golden, and yellow just like we are different in life. The queen bee does represent being different but in power.

    What does it mean if a bee lands on you?

    Sometimes bees land on you and don’t sting, other times they fly close to your face. But what does this mean? I have already outlined the general meaning and reasons which I hope is some help.  If the bee lands anywhere near you, then this omen is about your internal power and how you can experience this. We can only experience what we allow ourselves to. 

    General spiritual meaning of seeing a bee

    It is my sole purpose of this article to show you that even the maligned world of bees contains some dark mysteries that can or may help you radically attain the success that you wish. Bees are known as such powerful forces, that they reveal the lost sources of our world so you can overcome any setbacks and allow the light of the bee to enter your life.

    Bee Reason 1: Be aware of the smoke

    You don't have to face a burning building when you get to work each day. There's another kind of smoke, though. It's called fog. It reduces your awareness of danger. If you put smoke in the hive, this masks the bees' warnings about the danger. Fog in our daily lives can make us behave badly. We have a tendency to get bogged down by all the smoke. Our upbringing, society and our employers. Expectations of a culture. The attraction and lure of the next batch of honey.

    There is no smoke without fire the saying goes. Did you know if you add smoke to a beehive, bees also get excited by the smoke and start to eat honey. They think there is a fire. It's kind of like the bee equivalent to grabbing your valuables. Seeing a bee can indicate that you need to gather up your material possessions, or carefully work on building the bridges to the future finances that you need. In life, events happen that create fires, we sometimes burn or put out the fire itself. Think of your work-life being like this if you see a bee during your lunch break. If you work from home, and a bee enters your house it can indicate that it is time to think about the end goal. If you look inside a beehive, bees protect the honey (money). It's what they have worked for. It keeps them healthy and helps to build the hive. The hive will not survive without honey. The message here is that you won’t survive without money. When your house is on fire? 

    There are core abilities for thriving at work that the bee is trying to communicate. It involves, first and foremost, being able to master difficult tasks quickly, as well as having the ability to perform at an elite level in terms of quality and speed. Let's start with the first. We must first remember that we are bombarded with technology all day but what do we like the most? Twitter and the iPhone have an intuitive and simple user interface. These are just examples of popular products that we use every day. The vast majority of intelligent machines that drive the Great World, such as Telsa cars and Google, however, are much more difficult to comprehend and master. Intelligent machines (like bees in the beehive) can be complex and difficult to master. The spiritual message here is that you must master difficult things to join the ranks of people who are successful.

    Consider as well what the bees are teaching you: producing at an elite standard. It is not enough to be a star if you have the skills. The next step is to turn that potential into tangible results people will value. In the smoke, we must look at how we navigate the relationships of others. The ancient Celtic priest believed that the bee is a symbol of community. It also symbolizes the sun, the goddess, and celebration. During ancient people prepared festival season mead and drank it. It fermented the main ingredient of mead honey and water.

    Bee Reason 2: Don’t get stuck in the Honey Trap

    Did you know that almost half of Americans feel trapped in a money situation are you one of them? Feeling stuck can happen in many ways. Money and the lack of it can affect your own life and relationships in life. I am going to call this the honey trap. What happens is our expenses always outgrow our lifestyle. I had a friend once who earned over 500k dollars a year, the problem was he then believed he was free and he would buy brand new cars and better houses. He bought more expensive things, the more he earned. It is the human tendency to just buy more and earn more. You end up eating honey as soon as the honey is made.

    You might add more bees to the honey, but that just equals more mouths eating more. This means as things grow you need more hive space and you need more hive space to feed more people and produce more honey. Like our mortgages, it is like a huge hive that needs a lot of honey to function. The message here from the bee that entered your home, or landed near you is to make sure you don’t get in a sticky trap financially. So, how do you escape the honey trap? How do you make sure that you are no longer in a sticky mess after all bees don’t want to be in a sticky mess. The produce, the bee tends to honey, the bee works all day and night.

    Bee Reason 3: The bee has come to you to say: Get Rich!

    Very few people actually become rich, the odds are steep. But, you can get there. I have read hundreds of books about getting rich. Being rich is a path of great delight, Should it be your only goal? Of course not. I will now share with you what I believe is the most important steps  The first, is to understand your degree of motivation. Money is power and in the Bible, we can see "wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things" Ex.9:10 therefore, money is not there to make you happy but there are very few shortcuts in life to get there. Plus, it has been said that people with money seem happier. The other important aspect that the bee is sharing with you is your own vibrations. Remember the bee buzzes. Therefore, vibrates on many levels. Although the universe is infinite it has so much to offer us, we live in a world that limits our possibilities. Although it sounds absurd, we are led to believe we cannot have everything we want, like being rich. We can also lose all we have. It's a lie. You have the thought patterns to order what you want in life, and the bee appeared before you to let you know that.

    Reason 4: Being to dam busy

    We must recognize the importance of bees in the workplace. In hives, bees are constantly connected to each other, but not as much as we are as human beings. They buzz around finding flowers alone then return to the hive. Yes, the hive is a busy place, and making honey is the goal. Let's now look at what this means to our work patterns. We now live in a dominant culture where it is expected that employees will respond quickly to e-mails and other communication. Did you know that studies have found that we spend twenty-five to twenty-five hours per week outside of the office checking e-mails? This behavior may seem necessary for many businesses that operate in a fast-paced environment, as many people do. Do we really need to be connected 24/7? When we ask why connectivity cultures persist, our principle says it is because it is easier. This is at least partially true for two reasons. First, responsiveness to your needs. 

    Working in an environment that allows you to get an answer to your question or specific information quickly when you need it, makes your life much easier. You would need to plan more ahead, be more organized, be ready to wait while you wait, and then turn your attention to other things while you wait. Yes, this would make your day-to-day work life more difficult, even if it brought you more satisfaction and better results in the long run. This mindset can be seen in the rise of instant messaging for professionals, which was mentioned earlier in connection to bees. If you find that receiving an email reply within an hour makes your life easier, then instant messaging would make this possible, but that is the world we are living in. The bee has come to you to say, hold on, do you need some space? I can remember I read about an Apple executive who decided to just turn his phone off, and even the X-factor boss, Simon Cowell. Clearly, they are busy people and sometimes we don’t need to be busy. We need to relax. Take it easy. The bee flying around you could be a sign to pause. We sometimes all need to pause in life.

    Reason 5: Be clear on things you need to be aware of

    All bees are productive in nature. The most sensitive organ in bees is their legs. They use their legs to taste the nectar. Compared to honey bees bumblebees store less honey and have only a few individuals in their colony. Bees stay focused only on their goal, they are never distracted by any sidetrack. Bees remind us of a good motivator in human life. As the bee stay focused slows down, sucks the nectar from the flower, and tastes it. People who see a bumblebee in the garden will stay focused on their life, being slow, and staying they enjoy the sweetness of their life. The ancient initiation of mastering the body, mind, and soul is associated with this quality of the bee. As the bee adjusts its body temperature in an altered state, some yogi masters are capable of adjusting their body temperature by means of slowing down their own heartbeats. Hence bees have a strong connection with the ancient secrets of longevity. 

    Reason 6: Do you want to be a Worker, Queen Bee, or Beekeeper in life?

    I love metaphors. So using this analogy. Here is a question… is it better to be in control, to own the hives and not just the worker bee. My bosses wouldn't be able to keep me in line if I was in control. The lesson of the bee is clear: transactions don't create wealth. Equity is. Your boss, (if you are not your own boss) gets paid for every transaction they make, regardless of whether or not you (as a worker) made it happen. They own something. Their income comes from equity or the ownership of value. This is the message of the bee to you. Are you the beekeeper? The queen bee? Or the worker? Which one of these would you like to be? Remember the beekeeper believes the bees are their equity. They belong to the keeper as he puts in the time to harvest the honey too. The cost of building the hive is the beekeepers. The transactions are now done by the bees every day. That is why you need to consider being the beekeeper of your life.

    Reason 7: Face your fears

    If you are afraid of the bee, or it startles you this carries a spiritual meaning. It is nearly impossible to focus on other things when we are afraid. This is something that everyone knows, but what can we do if someone else is scared and needs our attention? That's right. We tell them to not be afraid, and we expect that it will work. Is it possible? Hardly. As if we have solved the problem, we go on and comfort another person. There are some people who recognize this and pay attention to our fears. But they don't tell us not to be afraid. They will help you work through your fear until it is gone. They provide evidence to support their claims. They offer support. Stories are shared. They do not expect us to feel how they want us to feel, nor do they tell us how to feel. If you were afraid, who would you rather be with? The person that carries on or the person that is always afraid. They have bright colors to protect themselves against evil predators. What do you put up to remove the predators from your life?

    Reason 8: You already have what you need

    The secret of bees is that when you look at the honeycomb you can see octagonal cells. What are you actually seeing? The Egyptians believed these were dimensional worlds, that we as humans don't see the invisible world around us. This is showing have no fear of creation. It does not matter. You have created in another life anyway. Draw in the energy of where you have created what you need in life. This ties nicely into reason 6 above.

    What is the queen bee's symbolism?

    The queen bee is connected in symbolism for thousands of years. What does it mean to see a queen bee? Even if you are a beekeeper this indicates that one can make anything happen. The queen is the mother of all the bees and keeps laying eggs to allow the colony to flourish. The queen bee is the leader of the swam, essentially so what does the mean spiritually. This is about how you create things in life, just like how the queen bee controls the hive and has an attractive scent to the other bees. There are many ways that a queen bee may be important to you in life. Finding a queen bee can be difficult in beehives.

    Often, beekeepers add a queen to a colony. The queen bee is about how you react when you are provoked. It is about your internal energy and expanding your thinking. The best course of action is to not allow people to walk over you. Becoming a queen bee in a colony is a hard job. Remaining in power is difficult, and the queen bee is normally challenged by others when she tries to become the queen bee, and the battle for colonies begins. Normally the larger queens win over others. Each queen tries to sting the other one to death to become a queen. We can take this literally that you may find someone will try to sting you in order to gain power in a metaphorical way. A hive can only have one queen so the colony may split if there is two queens. For bees, home is where the queen is. Are you a queen? Are you a worker? Are you a beekeeper? In the game of life?

    What is the bee's ancient spiritual meaning?

    Beekeeping was a flourishing practice in ancient Egypt and it is important to go back to this time in order to understand what the symbol of the bee means, this time is about civilization, and when we first discovered astrology, the advancement of the Egyptians always remains a mystery. The Pre-dynastic period is the earliest time Egyptian beekeeping was practiced and this is when it was recorded in old dusty tablets. Making honey from bees was a key part of the ancient Egyptian economy. More than 100 plant species were domesticated by the ancient Egyptians, many of them used to make honey.  During this time, honey was used both as a medicine and as a food. Our modern understanding of honey is far different from that of the ancient Egyptians, but the symbolism stays the same. 

    What is the biblical meaning of a bee?

    There are so many references in the bible about 70 references to bee's honeycomb and honey and the promised land is described as a land of milk and honey. The beautiful intricacy of the hive is important. The bee has been aligned to the attributes of Jesus' crest and the fact that honey reflects his personality, bees have had quite an interesting history in both the bible and folklore we can turn to this symbolism to discover the true meaning. In the Christian era, beehive-shaped huts were built which represents the aim of a harmonious community. Christian monks loved in beehive-shaped huts. Bumblebee gives us a message about the secret of life and service.

    Some use bees as a metaphor for society and we need bees to me spirits who also inhabit the invisible world around us. We can use this symbol as a working tool of magic in our lives. I hope with this article you will discover the secrets of how bees can help you. Yes, you may find mysteries in the bible, strange creatures from time and space. In reading these words you will learn many ancient biblical meanings of bees. No matter if you believe me or not, the magic behind bees and seeing them in your daily life can awaken memories of the time. 

    There is a purpose to what the bible says about bees. The Ima honey bee scripture underlines how we prepare ourselves in life. Bees need each other in life, and people interact the same way as bees. Friends, co-workers, family, professors, even those people we don’t know. Life is like a honeybee dance. As bees sting we have a choice in life, do we fear the future, do we worry about the next paycheck, do we dictate to others what they should do, do we allow our feelings to get in the way and change our course of action? Bees are about faith in the bible. Faith of a bright tomorrow, faith that someone will help us. When we see a bee the bible tells us that we shall have gifts. Honey in the bible is associated with happiness, a land where everything is content, joyful, and easy. Honey itself is seen as a gift of sweetness. A spiritual gift. 

    Spiritual gifts are listed in Romans 12:3-8, and Peter 4:10, and their purposes, it could mean if a bee entered your house that you are being told a spiritual gift will be yours. In essence, the bee is a parallel response in our world to people according to the bible. Honeybees have spread throughout the world by swimming and propagating. Bees do most of the world during the summer and slow down in winter. Biblically, to see a bee can mean that it is time to slow down or speed up depending on the season. 

    Does seeing a bee really mean anything spiritually?

    We live in critical times. We are living in urgent times because of the unsustainable harm we have been doing to the planet and our unconscious living patterns - it is the modern world. The role of bee products in immune enhancements and antiviral drugs and the impact of unsustainability on bees' survival and the health of us as human beings. When we went through covid lockdown the bee population increased.  If the Earth is to remain a home for bees, it's obvious that something must change. Amazing relatives that were mediums have taught me to trust my inner voice above all else. 

    In order to understand the true spiritual meaning, we must first turn to our ancestors. The old Grimoires, which are hand-written books of magic do mention bees in dark forests, secluded caves, and abandoned ruins and that bees bring a warning. The saints, Egyptian and wise men of a time long ago believed that bees carry a certain element of vibration. This is due to the “buzz” that you can hear in the air when one passes you. The bee is a symbol that conjures spirits and is able to travel between worlds. This might seem a bit far out for you to understand so let me just take a moment to explain. The world is built on vibrations. Bees are aware that they are part of something greater than themselves and the vibration means that we are connected to them. Life exists outside of our limited understanding of it. All of Life is connected to us, on this planet as well as throughout the Universe.

    Bees are multidimensional beings who know that they are more than what we see on Earth. Multidimensional beings are those who know that their bodies and minds are not the only things they have. Some people arrive with this knowledge, while others have the ability to activate their memory. Some people awaken to this knowing. The vibration of the buzz of the bee can move into different dimensions. Understanding this may be more about activating the consciousness within you than about being who you are at an innate level. Some souls are born with an innate memory, that ability to remember, while others awaken to it later in life.

    What are the basic elements of the bee we need to spiritually know? 

    They are good pollinating agents. They consume nectar from flowers as their food. These bees collect nectar from flowers, by landing upon the flower and sucking its nectar using its string. While collecting nectar pollen grains from the flower get attached to their legs. When it passes to another flower this pollen grain will fall on them through which the fertilization process takes place. They hold the power of service as important pollinators in many plants. In cold weather, the queen bee and her worker bees will shiver their flight muscles in order to warm themselves.

    By keeping them warm, they can fly and work even at very low temperatures. Bees have large-sized hairy coats which also help them to maintain their body temperature. Bubble bees possess the ability to control their body temperature. Only a few insects have this ability bees are one among them. Bees are good hypnotherapists.

    About the past and bee symbolism

    I have specifically left this information further down this article, the reason being is I did not want to bog you down in history. Seeing a bee carries omens that I wanted to share with you. In ancient times our ancestors believed bees are set to earth to remind us of our soul's work purpose. So let’s move on to WHY you have seen a bee. And, why this has bought you to my writings? A bee is associated with our own characteristics as humans, if you think of the bee as an omen for success after hard work then this will help you understand the symbolism.

    A sighting of the bee can be connected to our spiritual understanding. This is not just some mumble jumble copied and pasted from unknown sources. This is real spiritual knowledge, hidden in the masks of Egyptian times. Ancient Babylonians also believed that the yellow stripes on the bee's coat made the insect sacred. The Egyptians historically drew pictures of beehives on caves. Many old paintings of Egyptians surfaced and it was clear they attached great spiritual power to the honeybee.

    Conclusion of the spiritual meaning of a bee

    I have hopefully guided you so you can learn why the bee has visited you. Just to recap, a bee's energy gives us a spiritual message to wake up and follow our heartbeat rhythm. Learn from the first beekeepers about the spiritual and symbolic signs of bees, our elders, and the ancient Egyptians. Pay attention to that inner voice and wisdom. Since childhood, I have been deeply interested in the spiritual signs that we see every day, exploring dreams, consciousness, and carving our place within the Universe, and, in particular, the eternal part I call the soul. Seeing a bee in your life can bring many spiritual messages to you and I hope you can take something away from my writings. It's great if something you hear in my writing resonates with you and helps you. If you don't agree with something I say, you can always be true to me and let me know, I love to get feedback.

    Final questions to ask yourself if you have seen a bumblebee

    • What does victory and triumph look like to you? 
    • When did I last experience happiness?
    • Which quest am I currently pursuing? 
    • What are some of the previous quests I have completed?
    • What are my options for approaching a new challenge?
    • What motivates me and keeps me going? Is my life constantly moving forward?
    • How fast am I moving?
    • Can I tell from the bee's flight how fast I am going?
    • From where did the bee originate, and from where is he going now? 


    Bee shows up as a spirit guide when

    • You need to have female warrior energy.
    • You need to understand reincarnation.
    • You have communication with the dead.
    • You need to provide good services.
    • You need to know how to gather information and other things.
    • You need to work as a community.

    Call on bees as a spirit guide when

    • You need to understand the female warrior energy.
    • You need to have good concentration.
    • You need to have prosperity.
    • You need to help the earthbound spirits move to their proper destination.
    • You need to connect to the goddess Diana.

    Bee shows up as a spirit guide when

    • You need to have female warrior energy.
    • You need to understand reincarnation.
    • You have communication with the dead.
    • You need to provide good services.
    • You need to know how to gather information and other things.
    • You need to work as a community.

    Call on bees as a spirit guide when

    • You need to understand the female warrior energy.
    • You need to have good concentration.
    • You need to have prosperity.
    • You need to help the earthbound spirits move to their proper destination.
    • You need to connect to the goddess Diana.

    By Flo Saul
    Mar 25, 2013