Bail Out Spell

Bail Out Spell

This spell is designed to help you when you are in a dire situation and you need a bill paid immediately.

We all get in situations where bills pile up and while it is best to be proactive financially, if you find yourself needing to have money right away to get you solid on your own feet then this is the spell for you.

This spell is to help you in a time of need and it is best to use this spell sparingly as if it is overused it tends not to work as well. It is also important, after the spell is completed, to say a gracious thank you and even consider donating some money when you have more as a balance to the use of this spell.

What you need

  • The bill that you need paid
  • A copy of the bill that you need paid (important!)
  • A ceramic bowl
  • Dragonsblood incense
  • Fresh or dried herbs: Rosemary, mugwart, clove
  • Green candle
  • Metal canister

The best time to do this spell is at 11:00 pm with a full moon.

  • Gather all of your tools and place in a cleansed work space. Before putting your tools together or lighting the candle say:
  • “I call to you in my time of need not from poverty and not from greed. I ask of you to help my will and send me aid to pay my bill.”
  • Light the green candle and allow it to burn while you prepare your herbs and incense.
  • Light the incense and say:
  • “Dragonsblood, powerful call, aid me so that I may not fall. By the air and wind I set you free and command you: Bring financial gain to me.”
  • Pick up the incense and walk clockwise three times around your working space.
  • Place the dragonsblood back on your working area and combine the herbs. When the herbs are lit say:
  • “I burn this scent to attract my way, the aid and help that I need this day.”
  • You will next burn the original bill (this is why it is important to have a copy!)
  • Place the bill in the bottom of the metal canister and light on fire and say:
  • “I release this bill to Janus, he who can see the future and the past. This bill will be paid and aid is needed very fast. I ask of you, Janus, to please hear my plea. I need this bill paid in full by (date) and any help will cure my need. “
  • Drop three drops of wax on the bill and place the burning herbs in the canister and let it burn out.

Once the spell is done you will receive the help you need by the deadline. Remember, this may not pay the entire bill but the goal of the spell is to have a viable solution to the bill so that it can be paid, arrangements will be made, etc. The great thing about this spell is that it is easy to carry out. Be sure to clean all the items BEFORE embarking on the spell with salt water.

When you get the money or solution that you need it is important to show a good faith of getting your finances in order. Please see our other spells specifically about financial income and budgeting to avoid future problems.

By Florance Saul
Nov 13, 2012