Azrael - the Angel of death

Azrael - the Angel of death

This angel is associated with transmission from life to death.

This angel is called upon when life is soon to end on earth and it is time to move forward.

This angel also helps grieving families after loosing a loved one. This angel provides teachings of truth to others. Ask for the assistance of angel Azrael when feeling blocked in life.

Feeling free and safe is absolutely crucial for our physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.

It is suggested that one meditates on the image of Azrael when it is important to let go of grief in life, meditate to abandon conscious control of the physical body and allow the unconscious mind to roam free, giving rise to allowing Azrael heal one's heart.

His main job is to help people feel safe when they are suffering or dying. It is thought that Azrael keeps a check of all people born and those that die in a spiritual book. A friend in need is friend indeed and this is absolutely true with Azrael.

This is the angel who helps God keep a track of where people are in the spiritual planes. In case of anything blocking your spiritual growth in life, Azrael will always come forward to help you and pull you out of problems in life.

Angel of Death is another name of Azrael. It is absolutely essential and crucial to keep oneself physically, mentally and emotionally healthy, safe and be free from worldly worries.

When your soul gets detached from the body this angel helps in adjusting your spirits to the life of the other side, Azrael should be called on.

Azrael keeps full tracking of your sins and goodness since birth and helps to erase memories before the soul is born. The soul is collected from earth or the body within forty days of his or her death.

The grieved family members who are left behind are consoled by Azrael who wraps his huge wings around them. In the time of grief, he would absorb all the emotional pains of one’s loss and makes them feel happy again.

Azrael distinguishes clearly between the truth and the illusions and makes their life happy once again bringing actual life to every one’s life.

Azrael heals the suffering of human beings in their life and till the time of death and keeps good records of the actual acts of everyone who is born till their death in a spiritual book.

He who mediates in front of his image relieves himself of all physical, mental and emotional sufferings and his unconscious mind roams free with the healing touch of the huge wings of Azrael.

Methodologically, Azrael was assigned with the responsibility to study the phenomenon of the disposition of human souls; some arrive in Heaven while some do not. Azrael learns through the passage of time the process of tracking the human soul after their death.

Both reincarnation of souls and abandonment of some souls are the angels responsibility. Some souls get anchored to their corporeal plane as ghosts while some souls become dream-shades and do not reach heaven. Of course, other souls get to heaven.

Azrael was entrusted to make sure that none of the souls are prevented from entering heaven. Azrael and his servitors help in separating ghosts and dream-shades who anchor themselves with the corporal or ethereal planes moving to final destination of heaven; hunt the undead souls and destroy them forever; minimizing the fear of death from human beings transiting from human life to spiritual life and controlling the damned demons and sending the soul in hell to heaven.




Azrael means who helps the GOD.

Helps with

Unblocking our spiritual growth and death.

When to call on Azrael

  • You are feared of Death and do not want to go to hell.
  • You are desirous of entering heaven.
  • You are afraid of ghosts or dream shades.
  • You are disturbed spiritually.

By Florance Saul
May 24, 2013