Aye Aye

Do you have the image of an Aye-aye in your thoughts? This totem means that you must protect yourself.

The image of an Aye-aye suggests that you are having a premonition that something negative may happen to you in the near future. The Aye-aye is found mainly in the eastern coast of Madagascar above the forest canopy, and to some extent in the western coast of Madagascar.

An Aye-aye is the largest nocturnal primate on earth and is related to the monkey family. It has a dark brown or black fur and a large bushy tail longer than its body. It has large baleful eyes which it uses to see in the dark.

  • Ability to use non-conformity to ones advantage.
  • Able to vanish from one's thoughts.
  • The ability to understand what things are going to surface: what things are used in the dark.

An Aye-aye symbolizes the following:

  • Nuisance.
  • Death.
  • Fearlessness.
  • Evil.
  • Murder.
  • Night.
  • Nonchalance.
  • Rodent.
  • Solitary.

The Aye-aye lives high up in the trees where the foliage is at its thickest and rarely comes down to the ground. It spends most of the night time foraging for food and can travel more than two kilometers in search of food. The Aye-aye normally forages alone but sometimes it may be in a group as they go about searching for food. The Aye-aye is omnivorous, and eats insects, fruits, seeds, grubs and specially beetles.

The symbolism of the Aye-aye’s solitary life suggests that you have to leave everyone behind in your journey of life and go forward if nobody else is happy to accompany you.

The most peculiar feature of the Aye-aye is the fingers. The third finger is unusually very thin compared to the others while the fourth finger is very long. The third finger is used by the Aye-aye to find out grubs and other insects within tree bark.

It taps the bark of a tree with its third finger and listens with its keen sense of hearing for a hollow sound from the bark. If there is a hollow, then there is every chance of grubs or termites being in the hollow inside the bark. Aye-aye then uses its teeth to make a hole in the bark, and uses its fourth long finger to draw out the grub from the hollow and eats them.

The Aye-aye is the only animal known in the world which locates its prey by using the echo from a sound made by it. This symbolism of the Aye-aye teaches you to develop your senses and your instincts in such a way, so that you are able to extract the maximum mileage out of your work where normally it is not possible for others to do so.

The Aye-aye is never killed for food by any other animal and has no predators other than human beings. The local people consider it to be a nuisance to crops and plantations. Due to the steady erosion of its habitat, availability of food for the Aye-aye has diminished and the Aye-aye is forced to steal fruits, crops and vegetables from the cultivators.

The Aye-aye does not seem to fear people, and has been found to come into villages in a very nonchalant way, approaching people and sniffing them out. It is believed by the local people that if the Aye-aye points at a person with its narrow third finger, then the person is sure to die. Some locals believe that the Aye-aye murders people at night by entering through the thatched roof of the hut and piecing them through the heart by their narrow finger.  

This symbolism of the Aye-aye teaches you to be always careful of your dealings with other people because they may cause stress. Talk to the Aye Aye to gain an understanding of people, especially if you are going through a break up. The Aye Aye can aid in helping recover from a broken heart.

The image of an Aye-aye can come to your thoughts when

  • You feel mentally disturbed.
  • You feel alone.
  • You have been wronged.
  • You see enemies all around you.
  • You are unable to make things out.

The symbolism of the Aye-aye can help you when

  • You want to be clear about all that is happening around you.
  • You want to do the work without anybody helping you out.
  • You are going through a break up.
  • You want to locate the correct path you should follow to go forward in life.
  • You want to develop your mental abilities and instincts to guide you in your journey of life. 

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013