Ariel Archangel

Archangel Ariel is considered to be one of the most powerful Angels of God.

She is one of the most important and influential celestial beings that ever existed, the extreme powers of Archangel Ariel made her one of the highest ranking archangels and is often being referred to as a powerful deity.

This angel is the ruler of earth’s primary elements such as rock, water, wind, and fire. Archangel Ariel’s powers are also often at times associated with wrath, healing, rage, and the creation per se. With the association of the earthly elements, a lot of anonymous (or occult) writers, often see the Archangel Ariel as being the lord over the Earth together with its waters and is the ruler of all spirits. Archangel Ariel is the spirit of air, 3rd He is focused on wind and waters of the earth 3

So whenever a calamity arises, any unearthly and untoward incidents happen, one might wish to call Archangel Ariel as he is the one who can help others. Also, whenever we encounter people who are in great pain, or in horrifying wrath, we can always draw on Archangel Ariel as he is the one who guides us through the difficult times - the solemnity of life.

Lastly, Archangel Ariel’s extreme power towards healing enables all people who are in terrible suffering from any form of sickness/illness. The wind’s healing powers which are ruled and controlled by Archangel Ariel, allows people to make them feel the aid as it gives more air to breathe. With the powers of reincarnation set forth beyond the existence of destruction and creation, Archangel Ariel is the ultimate governor of souls who can help against death. Regardless of a person’s new life’s meaning and purpose, Archangel Ariel has been known to be called upon to help save a situation.

The primary role of Archangel Ariel is to help the people in times of trouble or self-doubt. This angel can be summoned by those unfortunate enough to be in a bad situation or are being ruled by the earthly elements. Once summoned, the overwhelming powers of Archangel Ariel are witnessed and the angel can provide healing to those around him. Color: A mixture of purple and blue. Meaning: The name Ariel means “The Lion of God” or “The Altar.” Helps with: Fire, calamities, unearthly situations, arguments or conflict, losing temper, deaths, people who are sick, miserable, and are in great pain.

When to call on Ariel

  • Whenever you have lost hope amongst life’s dealings.
  • Whenever you are facing unjust problems.
  • Unearthly and ungodly problems that are beyond a man’s control/capabilities.
  • A person who has died.
  • A newborn child that has an illness.
  • Whenever there are things that need to be thankful for.
  • Whenever one seeks guidance.

By Florance Saul
Jun 3, 2013