Aphrodite Passion Spell

Aphrodite Passion Spell

Passion spells are designed to renew passion and fire in a relationship.

These spells should only be used when in a relationship, as they can have dangerous consequences when used without a specific partner in mind.

What you need

  • Sting or ribbon that are in passionate colors – enough for 3 cords of 6 inches long.
  • Scissors.
  • Pentacle - drawn on paper.

Before moving onto this actual spell it is important to consider the pentacle and why it is important in this spell.

A pentacle is an ancient symbol that has five points. It's shape is a star and is connected to infinity. It is highly magnetic. It's use in this spell is because it is scared and always used in circle or magic work.

The pentacle is often used to call on spirits and this can be purchased at most occult stores on online. For this spell, it is not necessary and just a picture drawn by hand will be sufficient. In black pen and then your name put at the top in a curved stroke. Above the pentacle. 

Cut the string or ribbon into 6 inch long pieces. Tie them together at one end and secure them so that you can braid the three pieces together. You are going to braid them all the way to the bottom and while you braid them you will chant:

“Aphrodite, love’s desire. Bring to me passionate fire. “

While you braid the string imagine your love coming to you and being intimate. This can be sexual in nature, but also passion in other areas. You can visualize your relationship with aspects that you want your partner to be passionate about.

When you are done with the braid, for best results keep the braid with you. You can attach it as a bracelet or into your hair. Put both your name and LOVER across a picture of a pentacle. You can also keep it in a place where you desire passion, such as in the bedroom.

To strengthen the spell you can add more string and braid multiple times. When you have one row done you can make three more braided cords and then also braid them together.

Adding specifics to your chant will also help to power the spell such as adding your partner’s name or a timeframe in mind when you are visualizing.

By Florance Saul
Nov 13, 2012