Antelope Spiritual Meaning

An antelope is mud-colored horned creature that greatly resembles a deer.

They are sometimes confused with a buffalo.

Even goats and sheep are specified as species of antelope. We generally associate them in the family of deer, found generally running and saving its life by some inches from the claws of the lion.  There are more than 90 known species of antelopes on the earth.

They roam around in groups called herd and are mostly found in Africa and Eurasia. Among these 90 species, all of them have horns and cloven feet, just like cows, goats and sheep.

In regard to the animal totem - there are many things to learn from the four hoofed creature. Adaptability of mind, speed and action are among the major lessons. As a totem, if there is a firm connection to the antelope then it teaches you the path of safety, harmony and peace.

 Since the antelope totem defines the realm of spirit, which ultimately guides you to your internal peace, harmony and your own safety.

 Anyone following the realm of spirit must find themselves choosing the right path and stay on that path till the end.

Survival is another totem teaching of antelope. The life of an antelope teaches the never ending struggle in surviving and saving oneself from all the dangers that are encountered throughout the circle of life, till death. As an antelope totem teaches the survival, is thus in contrary to the destruction of life.

 Their impressive survival skills and astonishing speed do enough work to emblem the antelope as a clan for survival. This is one of the reasons that their existence is found in almost all parts of the world.

The intrinsic clan of antelope shows the values of knowing yourself. The antelope clan is used to discover your abilities as well as your weaknesses, to get a firm hold on your inner-self, on your intuition. Have faith in yourself and hold the belief in your abilities.

Being more confident with others is the consequence of the antelope totem. Regardless of the virtue, the life of an antelope itself defines and gratifies the totem teaching.

The teaching also helps the learner to stay safe from any harm or danger that he could confront while abolishing the antelope totem.

Due to the speed of how an antelope runs, there is a focus on how to have control and balance in speed. It clearly means that being witty and difficult means that one should not have just intelligence.

They should be first thought and considered under certain scenario's before hitting the ultimate conclusion. The totem believes that the serenity of mind can be possible.

Antelope shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You are lacking value.
  • You are seeking safety.
  • You need peace.
  • You not working well with others.

Call on an Antelope as a spirit guide when

  • You need overcome obstacles while working with others.
  • You need work faster to get your jobs done.
  • control and balance are needed.
  • Faith is lost and your need the reissuance.

By Florance Saul
Jan 30, 2013