Ant Animal Totem

Ant animal totem

The ant is a hard-working insect and thus, this spirit guide is related to work, persistence, and achieving goals.

Also, because ants are mostly social insects, having an ant as a spirit guide can indicate a need to process how one works with others – usually in a career environment. This can relate to interacting with superiors, co-workers, or prospective employers.

Usually ants indicate working together and there may be a need to focus on teamwork or team building within a peer environment concerning work.

It is common that ants live in groups - they do not live in isolation. Ants possess a collective mentality. They normally build a community. This spirit guide demonstrates that in every community each ant knows its own role.

Each one performs its tasks and chores with utmost dignity so the whole community can thrive and sustain each other. Ants are persistent and diligent at their work.

They can go to any level and will reach any limit to complete their duties.

The ant should be consulted when the subject needs motivation or some direction at work. All ants except the queen and the drones that care for the pupa (babies), work for collecting food and protecting its colony.

An ant can chase a breadcrumb for miles with extreme endurance. They can excavate earth, fight battles, or cross any hurdles that will stand in the way of their goals. They also set remarkable goals for teamwork and cooperation.

The colonies of ant's are corresponds to human society. Social orders and divisions of labor prevail in the ant society. Meanwhile, the average ant will completely accept stratification within their society. These traits show a correlation to one’s own work ethic and can indicate a strength that needs to be developed in this area.

Queen ants represent forsaking themselves for the greater good. When they are pregnant, female ants discard their wings, thus sacrificing their innate power for giving birth and taking care of the newborns.

Through this sacrifice, they become queen and are the highest level within a colony. The colony is theirs, and it is up to them to continue the line. They are essentially the lifeline of the colony.

Consider this aspect if you are the boss, starting your own business, or are “in charge” in the work place.

Having an ants as one's animal totem shows industrious features, it also points towards one's ability to co-operate with others and working for the better of society. This can represent a work life balance, social interaction, or simply working well with others.

People having characteristics of an ant tend to be determined; they achieve their goals with patience and insistence. These attributes are not only for those that have an ant totem but a must have trait in order to nurture other human beings.

Being at one with an ant is like being the guru of patience. One has to have a deep understanding of the members of a system, accept their worthiness and move ahead to make his/her own contribution. This perception is the key to achieve equity in any civilization at any point of time.

Observing and implying the collective nature of ants will certainly bring peace and prosperity to the subject. Taking actions at the micro level with honesty and motivation will also bring changes to macro levels.

Ants show up as a spirit guide when

  • One is not able to adjust in society.
  • It is difficult to maintain friends.
  • You can’t manage to focus on goal and worried too much of hardships.
  • You find it difficult to work within a group.
  • You’re feeling alone.
  • You are discouraged at work.
  • There is a need to step up in a leadership position. (Queen ant)

Call on an Ant as a spirit guide when

  • You need the courage to continue or persevere.
  • You feel that you are everything and nobody else counts.
  • You are too busy with present good times and not able to work for bad times.
  • You find it hard to focus on the need to work hard to have safe future.
  • You find it hard to fight he odds.

By Florance Saul
Jan 27, 2013