Amesha Spenta Angel

Amesha Spenta Angel

The Zoroastrianism religion recognizes spiritual angels can help one in different situations in life.

The angel Amesha is known for being a higher spiritual being. The name represents being immortal. Calling on Amesha is known to strengthen one's relationship with God. People of the Jewish religion call upon this guardian angel to help with matters in life. Amesha Spenta is called upon when one wants peace of mind amidst the chaotic world. He serves the people who are great need. With help from Amesha Spenta, more often than not, the people who are able to experience a better meaning of life. If we look at other spiritual beings that are prevalent in Zoroastrianism there is Ahura Mazda (Ohrmazd or Ormazd). In this religion, this angel is responsible for both heaven and earth. He is constantly fighting for the forces of nature. His primary focus is to look after six angels, or better known as Beneficent Immortals, (such as Amesha Spenta) who act as his Archangels. He is described as usually wearing a cloak engrossed in stars.

So whenever a person seeks for enlightenment particularly towards his/her doings, or is asking for guidance especially in making decisions towards dealings with life, it is always highly advisable to seek help from Amesha Spenta. This angel means that one has a life full of brilliance. And lastly, the wisdom that is gained amidst/towards the dealings of people in their daily lives allows them to move as the people of God.

  • Color: Amesha Spenta is representative of the following colors: Red, Blue, Yellow/Gold, and even White with a touch of Purple.
  • Meaning: The meaning of Amesha Spenta is ageless and or eternal for Amesha, and for Spenta it means enlightenment, brilliance, and beneficence.
  • Helps with: an individual who is seeking wisdom, guidance, enlightenment and peace of mind. Primarily strength towards mental attributes.

When to call on Amesha Spenta

  • Whenever a person is undergoing examination, people ask for guidance, the proper and right knowledge towards the taking of examinations.
  • Decision making times, regardless of the setting – decision making towards work, personal and emotional decision making and other related settings. This is when Amesha Spenta is best called upon.
  • And lastly, whenever we feel that the weight of our burden towards our thinking, we can rely on the aid of Amesha Spenta as this angel will surely aid us with the peace of mind and solemnity we truly deserve.

By Florance Saul
Jun 3, 2013