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In this article we are going to discuss about the combined symbolism of alligators, crocodiles, gharials and caiman in regards to animal totems. 

Since all of these creatures belong to the same group of family termed as crocodilians, the only thing that's different with them are their colours, the shape and size of their teeth and the places where they are found.


The name crocodile has come from the ancient Greek word κροκόδιλος meaning lizard or pebble man in some translations, probably referring to the outer layer skin of the crocodiles. It may also indirectly be associated in the fact that the crocodile dances in water to charm his partner during the mating season. 

Crocodiles produce a distinct infra sound during the breeding season. 


Most of the time crocodiles submerged their body while leaving their head and their tails above the water, with half of their body partially submerged underwater they cause the water to literally sprinkle on their back due to their bellowing or popularly known as "water dance".  This trait of the crocodile to woo their partners reminds us that we should also do everything to attract the right person in our life.


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Crocodile represents the following behaviour...



  • Skillful.
  • Alertness.
  • Strength.
  • Bravery.
  • Tricky.
  • Flexibility.
  • New Life.
  • Solar Power.
  • Survival.
  • Mileage.
  • Adeptness.
  • Impulsive.


Crocodiles have impeccable sense of alertness, Mother Crocodiles can hear their un-hatched younglings cry, and she also carries her new born babies inside her mouth, indicating a strong maternal instinct to protect the babies.



Their sense of sight is also commendable. Their eyes resemble a cat's pupil giving them the ability to clearly see during the darkest of night. Their iris and retina increases their ability to see in dim lights.  Observations have been made that crocodile's eyes seem to glow at night especially when a light is pointed at them. Crocodiles are teaching us to have the capability to see the beauty even on the darkest times and places.



The family of Crocodilians also resembles a balance on earth and water.  Their association with the power of water resembles the symbolic meaning of being emotional, attach to their innermost self, and realization of one’s dreams. Crocodiles are good totems for people who are having problems with their dreams.  Crocodiles fear nothing and their energy is somehow amaranthine and will rid one of all worries.  Its harmony with both water and earth. This advices us that we can also find our balance in life.


Its sense of equity can also be found in its outer covering, Crocodiles have armoured skin at their back's are sturdy, while their bellies and sides are soft and smooth.  This tells us to find a balance between being tough and being vulnerable.


Alligators have no pores and release the excess amount of heat by opening their jaws.  Temperatures are of high importance with this animal especially during the mating season. But this creature seems to find no problem and can stand the test of time.  This serves as a reminder for us to stop fighting the force of nature, and learn to live with it.


Alligators remain poised despite of a huge crowd or even on a room full of predators, it waits for the perfect time and once you move within its range, death is inevitable. This teaches us to be patient until the fruit is ripe. Remain calm amidst all of these temptations.



Crocodile or Makara is of great importance in Hinduism and is a part of events stated on Hindu scripts. Most of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses use a makara as their vehicle.


They are also a symbol of high status and power to the native Americans.  Due to its capability to both survive in water and land, some tribes believed that crocodiles are tied to creation.


The Mayans also have a concept about the crocodile representing our galaxy famously known as the Mayan tree.


In addition the Egyptians are so fascinated with crocodiles; they even named a God after the image of a crocodile.  Sobek, half man with the face of a crocodile was deeply associated with the God of Sun Ra.  Travellers and workers around the Nile River pray to Sobek to protect them from crocodiles' attack.

Alligator shows up as a spirit guide when...

  • You need to survive.
  • You need to revenge through patience.
  • You need to understand the weather.
  • You need to avoid stealth.
  • You need to be aggressive.

Call on Alligator as a spirit guide when...

  • You need to adapt to some situations.
  • You need maternal protection.
  • You need to connect to the earth mother.
  • You need to protect yourself from manipulation.
  • You need to access ancient knowledge.
  • You need to understand deceit.

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