Acquisitio Symbolism

Acquisitio is shown in a pattern of dots that alternate, double, single, double single.

Some say that the shape represents two bowls sitting on top of each other, empty. When you relate this imagery to the meaning of the name, “to gain” in Latin, it is easy to see that this is a positive card. This indicator has the opposite meaning of the figure Admissio, whose dot formation of single, double, single, double, representing two empty bowls and loss.

Acquisito is the indicator of opportunity and financial growth. As you can imagine, it is often a representation of opportunities and is a positive sign for affairs of business, wealth and home life.

The powerful manifestation of this figure is directly linked to it’s association with the element of fire and associations with the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the God of fortune and luck, ruler of Sagittarius. These energies pouring into the formation of Acquisitio is quite beneficial indeed.

Geomancy Symbols

The fiery nature usually indicates motivation, injecting passionate and primal forces behind the goal or concern for a querant. Jupiter is essential energy in times of risk, and when Acquisitio shows up in a reading you can rest assured that this powerful God of fortune is on your side.

In tarot, this figure is related to the Knight of Wands. Continuing with the trend of acquisition, the energy is all about expansion, gain, and worldly success. Like a wildfire, once an idea takes hold, Acquisitio tells you to go further with any plans that you have, get to work on around the house projects, and take risks.

Those ideas cooped up in your brain need to be let out and put into action. Your energies will not be wasted. Now is the time to get into action, claiming moments of opportunity in order to monetize an idea. Because of this, Acquisitio is a fortunate sign for those starting a business, changing jobs, moving home or even gambling. These blessings are exponentially increased when the figure shows itself in the houses (astrologically or geomantically) that correspond with these areas.

While the influence of this figure is most often financial or health-related, it should be mentioned that home life and work are also heavily influenced by this card. The element of earth deals with all of these issues, controlling the domains with stable caution. When you combine this with the expansive influence of Jupiter, you have the right balance for healthy growth.

The energy is almost patient, heeding the querant to look at all of the angles before acting. Due to the opportunities for new ventures and the primal manifestation present in the energy of this figure, it is advised that when Acquisitio is present in a reading that you should shake any doubts about a situation.

By Florance Saul
Feb 19, 2017