Sampson snake roots

sampson snake root

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Sampson snake root has various names; the main ones are Striped Gentian and Gentiana Villosa.

This is an herbaceous plant that has been classified into genus Gentiana. It’s native to the eastern parts of the US and has been relied on in the cure of various disease by many of the native American tribes. Sampson snake grows to a height of approximately two feet, with Lancelot leaves which are much wider in the middle and above.

The leaves bear a dark green colour and are very shiny when looked at under the suns light. Sampson snake has flowers that have clustered at its terminal bud, they leave bear a white colour but have purple stripes.

The flowering takes place from August to late October. The bright colour helps in pollination of the flowers as itr is done by insects. Gentiana villosa flowers in the period of October and November, they have seeds that are distinct from those of the gentian group in that they are not winged.

There are claims that Gentiana is misname in that, translating villosa from Latin will imply hairy, looking at the plant, it has no hairs at all. Its flowers are the ones that distinguish it from the rest of the plants due to to their unique pattern of white and purple stripes.

Sampson snakeroot will help to…

  • Relieve from snakebites.
  • Retrieve of attract gay lovers among men.

Magical uses...

The use of the herb can be linked directly to the name of the plant in which it is used to cure victims of snake bites. In some parts of the world such as appachilia, it is believed to be a strong charm and is carried around by people when they walked around. On the other hand, it has various uses when it comes to matters relating to love. In the recent past, it was used by the Gay men of the Catawba Indian community to attract Gay lover or keep a gay lover to themselves. The gay boiled the roots of Sampson snake before meeting his gay lover, the major setback here was that there was not given amount of the tea.

In jojoba oil, a gay man has to mix calamus root, powdered licorice root and some grains of aframomum legate to get the best results. To the mixture, they are to add various oils as stated next; cubeb oil, lavender oil and veritest oil. They should then soak the Sampson snake root in the resulting mixture. For best results, a gay man should carry the Sampson snake root in their pockets so draw the attention of the gay lovers towards them.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012