Uncover Hidden Herbs meanings

The scientific name for Mullein is Verbascum thapsus, the herb has been used in Europe since time immemorial but the use has been adopted by residents of Australia and America.

The plant grows to a height of more than two meters. The flowers are small and grow in large numbers on the leaves of the plant which sprout from all over the stem. The plant grows in various habitats.

Mullein has does well in all soils and its requirements can be met quite easily, for instance, it does well in areas that have been affected by human and activities and animals such as the ditches and fields. The roots, leaves and flowers of Mullein have curative effects.

Mullein will help to

  • Soothe lungs especially for the smokers.
  • Promoting coughing that cleans the lungs.
  • Prevent nightmares.
  • Improve one’s courage.
  • Clear the urinary tract.

Medical uses

The use of Mullein is issues that relate to the lungs is quite significant. For instance, it is reduces the side effects that smoking causes to the human lungs. The herb will soothe the infected or inflamed lungs and relieve you from the unnecessary coughing that occurs before the inflammation bursts and releases phlegm. In this way, it promotes essential coughing and expectoration and thus assists in the breakage of congestion in the lungs.

Mullein flowers are used on the skin to soothe and clean the skin. They can be applied on wounds and cuts as a wash so as to promote healing. They can be picked all over the season and stored in olive oil for use all through. On being put in Olive oil, they form an infusion that is essential in the treatment of ear aches as long as they are not caused by ruptured eardrums. You can put some beeswax to the oil and this will produce a good formula to your baby’s changing table.

Magical uses

It is used to prevent nightmares, to enable this, you just place some leaves under your pillow as you lay your head on it at night. Bathing water to which tea that made out of Mullein has been added helps you to overcome enemies and their spells. Burning Mullein leaves allows you psychic vision.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012