Your Signature

your signature graphology

Your signature represents the inner you and your hidden personality.

Graphology experts read the signature to understand not only how you feel about yourself but how you also communicate to the world.

When you are about to sign your name, you will remember your name in a specific way. The way you write your name is stored in your sub conscious mind. Once you have decided on your signature, not many people change it. It is part of you.

For example if you have large loops these signify a large sex drive and a need for material wealth. A large loop also suggests that this person is quite outgoing. Various signs found in signitures result in good or bad situations in life.

Signatures provide much important information. The way it is written gives a great deal of information on a subject's handwriting.

It is known that the signature is related to the ego. It is how someone would like to be perceived. If the actual handwriting differs from the writers normal handwriting it is important to understand the difference between the two.

If the body of the writing is similar to that of the signature, we see an essentially honest and straightforward individual, this person is not trying to be false.

When the signature varies from the natural handwriting this is when it get's interesting! Graphologists first analyse the natural handwriting to discover who the writer really is, then the signature to see who the person wants to be like. This will reveal the writer's hidden personality.

A signature was never taught by someone else, it was a creation of your own doing after many practices. That is why it is important. Even though your signature looks the same it may go through a range of changes. This will be reflected on the time of your life.

By Florance Saul
Mar 30, 2012