Word Spacing and Margins

word spacing and margins graphology

In grade school it is standard that they make you put your words each 2 fingers apart.

Then as you got older they would say the space of a standard pencil eraser.

As you become more comfortable writing it is natural for the words to flow together and by the time you are a young adult your spacing becomes an automatic habit when you write cursive or standard format.

You may not consider it but the space between the words that you choose is a direct indication of your personality. Where you place your words on your paper, also known as your margins will indicate other things about your personality.


There are two schools of thoughts when it comes to the margins of a person’s writing. The first is that the margins on the page itself have specific meaning from the sides to the corners. Each aspect has its own representation and therefore is important to take into account when studying handwriting.

The Left and Right Sides

The left side represents the past and aspects related to new beginnings. Often this will represent family, friends, work, and areas in which roots are established for the person. In writing it is less about the roots that have been established and more about how the writer goes about or feels emotionally about establishing stability within areas of their lives. If there is a shaky left margin that is uneven and rough, the person has a hard time settling down and can be extremely flaky or filled with wanderlust. There may be areas where they shy away from – especially relationships and romance that require long term commitments. The right margin respectively reflects the future and less solid relationships such as work or social acquaintances. This shows about how the person moves ahead in the future. A strong margin will show a person who is outgoing whereas a weak margin will indicate someone who is shyer.

The Top Margin

The top margin reflects goals and aspirations of the writer. The top is also important to note because it will show how much drive the person has. It’s a good thing to note on job applications or written essays because it shows if the person has determination and follow through.

The Bottom Margin

The bottom of the page reflects the person’s energy level and common sense. If a person dips low on the page it will show that they are an active person with an extroverted tendency and the opposite if the margin on the bottom is large.
Narrow Margins: Narrow margins when you write will show a control over your writing, especially if you keep the words in a narrow  w and uniform set. Narrow margins also can indicate narrow-mindedness, such as when a person is judgmental or impatient or overzealous.

Wide Margins

Wide margins will indicate a person that has a timid personality but has a lot of room for understanding. They may be cold at first but once they warm up are very loyal and true people.

By Florance Saul
Apr 2, 2012