Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan graphology

With the news being the way that it has been these days with regards to Lindsay Lohan, all drugs and driving and crazy fights with Paris Hilton it is easy to forget that this actress came from relatively humble beginnings and was once loved in Hollywood. There is still significant hope for her in Hollywood, which is why she has such a following, and handwriting analysis or graphology will really help us to examine why things are happening the way that they are in her life, and hopefully can help give some insight about what is going on inside of her.

Through analyzing her handwriting we are seeing that she has some control issues in her life primarily as a result of feeling as though she is not capable of really having any control on her own. This is coming up in the way that she presses so hard when she writes, that all of her writing is somewhat bolded. We also see some hesitation marks in between phrases, which represents someone whose thoughts go through her mind so quickly that it’s hard to stick to one thought and there is a significant fear that what she is putting down on paper is going to somehow backfire on her, as it has time and time again.

She has a very meticulous way of behaving in her daily life, likely in the way that she plans her day and keeps her objects just so. Since the outside world is so full of chaos, she keeps her home as clean as possible as this keeps her calm when she comes from some a stressful day and needs to rest. She can only rest from her busy thoughts if her environment is clear; we know this because there is a level of neat roundness to her o’s and b’s. She also tends to write in all block letters or even capitals, showing further examples of her needing to structure what she is saying so that it is taken seriously. She is consistently trying to show others that she means what she says and that she has talent.

We all know this, but we are definitely waiting for her to show it again. In her handwriting, she is disappointed in herself but is diligent and willing to work hard to come back into the fray. She wants to be respected by her peers and fans, and to do the work that she is pursuing justice. She has some trust issues as is evidenced by some of the letters being squeezed very tightly together and pointed toward the left, inferring her desire to keep herself AWAY from the mistrusting behavior of others. Underneath it all we are seeing someone who is very compassionate and very full of love. She gives of herself in a significant way because that is her nature and she deeply desires to be loved by those close to her. Behind the scenes she is a person who helps others come into the business, and we can see that when she writes to those that she cares about, because the writing is gentle and light on the paper or other media; this represents her feeling relaxed and comfortable.

By Florance Saul
Dec 2, 2012