Letter Z

Letter z graphology

The letter "z" indicates the strength of the writer's ego.

The letter Z indicates the strength of someone's ego and I always look at the people who write the letter Z with a curved ending. The personal capital “ Z” confirms someone's self-esteem and the height on the zig-zag of the Z against other writing is very important. 

For some people, their profession or nationality defines how they write a letter "z", for example, the German short horizontal line through the diagonal line of the z. Some scientists might use the line to distinguish a "z" from the number "2." The letter "z" belongs to the middle and lower zones representing emotions as well as physical elements of the writer's environment. 

If the letter is written without upper and lower loops then the writer could be self-opinionated and impatient to get things done. 

bottom curved z graphology ​

Handwriting Analysis: Letter "z" has a curved bottom

This shows a person who is mentally mature and skillful. They are able to call on a variety of responses to suit the occasion and have good coping mechanisms. They are often adaptable and resourceful. 

Handwriting Analysis: Cursive Letter "z"

cursive z graphology ​

Handwriting Analysis: Lower Loops

If the lower loops are long then the person has a strong physical drive and also needs lots of space, whereas short lower loops reveal someone who has no interest in physical activity. A broad cursive letter can indicate an outgoing personality with a large group of friends.

By Florance Saul
Apr 30, 2020