Letter W

Letter w graphology

We can separate the letter "w" into four lines and letters directly into the middle zone, relating to feelings.

The middle zone is responsible with the social life of the writer, of how he or she acts in the public, and in what relation is with the other things or people. As it can be observed, the ”w” is an angular letter, formed by what it seems to be too ”v's”, therefore the interpretation is similar to the letter ”v”.

Upper zone = the letters b, d, h, k, i and t relate to thoughts.

Middle zone = these letters relate to people's feelings: a, c, i, o, u, f, m, n, r, s, e, v, w and x.

Lower zone =  letters, g, j, p, q, y and z relate to the physical side of life.

The wavy "w"

wavy w graphology

If the "w" is wavy then you will benefit enormously from body exercises for example yoga, tai chi and meditation techniques. When times to diet they should also make certain they avoid rich food and high levels of alcohol, red-colored meat and dairy. Moderate to mild physical rise is more suitable than highly energetic exercise.

The perfect "w"

perfect w graphology

For starters, if the ”w” is very well formed, as teachers show young children to draw the letter, can indicate an easy personality, open and friendly. When it is written as simplified as possible, it’s a sign of intelligence in the writer.

The narrow "w"

narrow w graphology

The width of the letter "w" is also important. If the letter is narrow, then the writer is most definitely an introvert, who prefers to stay away from any social activity that is why he or she can be found working at home, instead of in a group.

The wide "w"

wide w graphology

If the ”w” is wide it reveals a communicative person with high management abilities. Other features of their character include eagerness, ambition and impatience.

Hard pressure "w"

hard pressure w graphology

It is important to review the pressure on the paper when writing the letter "w". If the pressure is heavy, almost making a hole in the paper, it means the writer is a self-aware person, optimistic and with a great sense of what is good and what it’s not. If the pressure of writing the "w" is medium, then the writer is a reasonable person, who loves to live in harmony with the rest of the world. When the pressure is light, is a sign of introversion, but it can also mean the writer lacks energy if the pressure is extremely light?

If the letter is large, could reveal an exhibitionist, who seeks constantly attention and drama. If the size passes to the extreme, means the writer is egocentric.

Small letter "w"

small letter w graphology

If the handwritten ”w” is small, it usually means the writer is an intelligent person, with abilities to educate himself or herself because of the detail-oriented feature. This is how the handwriting, also called ”brain writing,” can say a lot about a person, just by analyzing a handwritten letter. Until the computer’s era will learn to analyze correctly the handwriting, it is better to leave this job to the graphologists.

Large letter "w"

large letter w graphology

It is important to inspire others to convey themselves existence road to people born about this day would be to learn how to follow both their heart their mind. After they have discovered a stride of self-control. It is important that they help and inspire others.

By Florance Saul
Nov 17, 2012