Letter U

letter U graphology

The letter U is associated with how someone normally views themselves.

We are all aware of the different zones in handwriting. Each zone is associated with either an upper, middle or lower zone. The letter U is associated with the way that we communicate with other people, to have a letter U which is straight at the bottom is associated with hidden intelligence. The question is does the letter U loop at the bottom? If so, then one is feeling optimistic in life. To have a U which is narrow is associated with being pessimistic which maybe down to the grievance of work. If the U is clean and perfectly formed writing is a clear sign of optimism and positive attitude towards one’s career.

Letter "u" is not a straight line and curves

letter u is not a straight line and curves graphology

If the letter U is not a straight-line and curves. It indicates that the hand-writer has extremely high expectations. If pointing upwards - more like a V shape, then they experience a large amount of stress especially in work. Perhaps they find it difficult to be the boss for example.

Letter "u" is slanted

slanted u in handwriting graphology

To slant the U in hand-writing means these people many friends in different social activities they tend to struggle with their family. The family means this writer has many conflicts with family members. They have learnt not to trust people too easily. In hand-writing methodology if the U is curly this indicates a good heart.

Letter "u" with a curved tail

letter u with a curved tail

To write the U with a curved tail is considered lucky! Especially from a gambling perspective these people generally rather lucky and win. This hand-writing denotes good fortune.

"U" appears light on the paper

u appears light on paper graphology

For the U to appear light on the paper means their is definitely an issue with trying to achieve the very best in life. It is important that this person doesn’t give away their own time and effort or nothing. They enjoy a bit of charity work,  however it is important they don’t get stuck into. For the U to be drawn as a capital in normal writing suggests they could possibly become famous.

"U" is curved on both sides

u curved on both sides graphology

A U that is curved on both sides is normally found in people that are magnetic and rather dramatic. You might think these traits are negative, but for this writer they are extremely positive. They have an interest in political reform and they normally engage in political affairs there are a valuable public service in any capacity. They have an interest in social and political causes.

They cultivate the cheerfulness and optimism of others. If the writer has thin, light strokes this suggests trouble being cooperative. They are optimistic and have a great sense of humour but find it hard to conform.

By Florance Saul
Jan 31, 2017