Letter O

Letter O: Graphology & Handwriting: In depth personal predictions

The way you write the letter "o" is telling on your own personality and below I have detailed different types of "O" so you can see how you write yours and what this means.

There are so many ways we can write this letter. According to graphology the letters "O" and "E" are the key letters that shows us how someone communicates with others. Think of the letter O as someones mouth. And, letter "E" is like ones ear. When a person has the letter "O" closed it can mean that they are tight lipped but a slightly open "O" can mean being super talkative! 

Closed "o"

Handwriting Analysis - Letter O - Loops in the letter "o"

If the letter "o" is written with a closed loop at the top this indicates the "secretive nature" of the person. The more the "loop" is closed, the more of this tendency. Indeed, more than one loop means people will either love them or hate them-but whether people agree or disagree together others rarely neglect to be astounded by their determination and powerful will.

Each loop shows self-deceit. It means you are guilty about things in your life. Why? For the loops to be leading up to writing the letter "o" means that you can try to combat this by meditating and releasing any negative energy.

Double Knotted O

Handwriting Analysis - Letter O - The double knotted "o"

If the "o" is knotty (see the last two images above) it reflects the secretive nature of the writer. If the writer has two knots then this secretive traits are even stronger. This habit of secretiveness has been observed in the handwriting of criminals. When this knotty character of "o" appears twice in the writing, then the person may have paranoid tendencies. He or she is always living in fear that someone is out to harm him and thus making them live in a shroud of secrecy, which eventually leads to separation.

Closed Oval Shape

Handwriting Analysis - Letter O - Closed and knotty - oval shaped

If the oval shape of "o" is closed and knotty (as above) this represents the introverted nature of the writer. who is living in his own company and does not like to share his feelings with others. These people are usually energetic and powerful-minded people. They frequently possess a status for talking. They like certainty and looking to others for their values.

Open letter O

Handwriting Analysis - Letter O is an Open Oval

When the letter "o" is made with open oval, then this person is an extrovert, talkative and open in his dealings. This person looks to others for sincerity. If the "o" is also open then though the writer is withdrawn but when approached he will respond. This person will certainly rather win fans instead of opponents, but so strong is the belief within their ideals as well as their urge to pioneer progress.

Slanted to left O

Handwriting Analysis - Letter O - Knotted & Non Knotted - The "O" Leans to The Left

When the letter "o" is written by leaning (see above) but knotted to the left, or has any flicks to other letters (this is how I write my O) then this shows a withdrawn or reserved personality. This person likes to be alone to marvel in their own world! When the letter "o" is written with the slant of the the circle (without a knott) to the left (as pictured below but with a lean) is associated with a feeling of not being able to face up to situations in life.

Perfect letter O

Handwriting Analysis - Letter O - Perfect Letter and CAN join other letters

If the "o" is written closed but away from any other letters - then it will be very difficult to make this person come out of their shell. Most importantly you may see a small join where this person has trie to make the circle round is common. people who write the "o" in this way are strong-minded people. Once they internalize their tremendous energy there is no stopping them.

They have the possibility to become one of the world's brilliant leaders. Although they may be referred to as an acquired taste, this type of person rarely worried about their effect on others given that they think of no other person but themselves.

Slanted Forward Letter O

Handwriting Analysis - Letter O - Slanted Forward

When the "o" is slanted forward then the writer is expected to have a warm demeanour. The tendency is for the writers to understand that suffering is essential for psychological growth. Once they have been able to acknowledge the problems in life, their destiny is to make an inspiring contribution to society.

One stroke O letter

Handwriting Analysis - Letter O - Writing "O" in one stroke!

Few writers can write the letter "o" in just one stroke and with a flick - without making two loops or for the letter "o" to not overlap. To write the "o" in one stroke means that person is expected to take short cuts in life but can focus on hard work when needed.

Summary - Handwriting Letter O

In conclusion writing the letter "O" can give us an idea on how we communicate with others. An open "O" means you are very social. A closed "O" can mean you like your own company.

By Florance Saul
Nov 16, 2012