Letter M

letter M graphology

The letter "m" is similar to the letter "w" .

The capital letter "M" or lower case "m" denotes self consciousness. A person is expected to be under fear of ridicule if the third hump is highest in construction.

All the humps have different relevance and by studying them will give insight.

humps in the letter m graphology

The humps in the letter "m"

  • This first hump is said to represent the self.
  • The second hump the family member is and close friends.
  • The third prong represents other persons in the writer’s surrounding.

perfectly equal m humps graphology

Perfectly equal "m" humps

If all the three humps are of equal height and the strokes are evenly distributed, then the person is understood to be content and has inner balance. People who write the "m" perfectly can handle great self sacrifice and discipline and consequently they might neglect their own health and wellness along the way.

height of the letter m is increasing graphology

Height of the letter "m" is increasing

When the height of the "m" is increasing in size so that the third hump is higher than the other humps. These people always put others first. They normally find it difficult in a new surrounding and are uncomfortable in the company of new people. They get uneasy under close supervision and find it difficult to give their best in this situation.

joined up letter m graphology

Joined up letter "m"

If the letter "m" is joined to other letters when writing this means that this type of person is a born instructor advisor, guru, guide, coach, expert,  an the focus is trying to move people towards success. If they would like to explore their creative potential, they might end up attracted toward careers on helping others or they like to explore spirituality, they might be attracted to careers in religion or philosophy.

third hump of an m is higher graphology

The third hump of an "m" is higher

When the first two humps are of equal height and the third one is higher, then take himself equally with family and close relatives, but surrenders when subjected to authority by others in his surroundings.

height of letter m is decreasing graphology

Height of the letter "m" is decreasing

When the height of letter M is found to be decreasing then these people think they are more superior than family, friends and society in general.

M has high down stroke graphology

Letter "m" has high down stroke

When letter M is written with very high down stroke then this is an indication of high ego and demanding character. Such persons are authoritative, have exaggerated pride and very arrogant in behaviour. Such persons put their own concerns first and make excessive demands on others time and efforts.

By Florance Saul
Nov 16, 2012