Letter L

letter L graphology

Letter "l" is associated with your belief system in life.

If the letter "l" is larger than other letters then you push yourself way too hard and this may lead to stress-related conditions for example head aches and insomnia.

It's important to allow yourself to make certain you have regular health reviews. 

Letter "l" with a loop

letter L with a loop graphology

If the letter "l" has a loop at the end then lounging around does not suit you, even though you need to make certain you get lots of relaxation. You would benefit substantially from meditation and breathing exercises to assist you to strike that important balance between your inner and outer existence.

Individuals who write the "l" with a rounded loop to the left hand side, are open-minded and able to express themselves easily.

Size of the letter "l"

size of the letter L graphology

An intelligent person writes a small "l", while large letters mean confidence. A huge letter writer is a theatrical and egotist person, who tries to be always in the center of the action and attention.

The "l" loops

the L loops graphology

A narrow, but high loop reveals an idealist person, while a round and wide loop is a sign the writer is a very good speaker. There are people who write the capital letter with two loops, and others with only one loop. Tension can be revealed by combining the two loops, which are close and sometimes even crossed.

A small handwritten ”l” has different meanings, mostly because of the size and orientation of the loop. If the loop is round, bent to the left, a graphology scientist will be able to tell that that person is well aware of his or her emotions, and is able to control them without much effort.

If the letter is basically an entire loop by itself, this reveals a mathematical inclination of the writer.

Handwriting analysis can be made not only for letters alone, but also for words, where even if each letter by itself has a certain meaning, when combined with the rest of the letters give a more revealing feeling and information on the writer. For example, a full capital ”L” in a word means that the one writing it is usually a relaxed person who is able to express ideas and stories.

Square shaped "l"

square shaped L graphology

If the "l" is in the shape of a square this means that there's a inclination for individuals to be hurt or let down by others. It's vital importance for these to experience passion, and also to learn how to give to others. Playing it safe, at least, is not suggested. Once they see a chance for love and closeness, they ought to embrace it.

By Florance Saul
Nov 16, 2012