Letter J

Letter J graphology

The letter ”J” is known as a letter from the lower zone of the alphabet.

This means that the letter can be studied from both the upper zone because it has the dot, and the lower zone where it has the loop.

The capital letter ”J” has only has the loop at the bottom, but the lowercase ”j”  has the dot.

The position of the dot

Position of the dot

For starters, the dot can say a lot of things about the writer, and it depends upon the position, the shape and the pressure. If the dot is closer to the ”j” formation this reveals a detail-oriented person, while a far dot means that the writer fails to have patience with detailed work, If the even more, can be a sign of a dreamy soul. If the dot is missing, the person can sometimes be negligent and careless. A negative and self-confident person will put the dot on the left side of the body ”j”, and a restless and impatient person will put it to the right side.

The shape of the dot can also reveal more about the author, with or without his knowledge. For example, a circle around the letter represent an immature person, while a dash means irritability and anxiousness. If the dot has the shape of an arc this reveals a bisexual nature.

If the dot is easy to see and in a perfect position this means the writer has a good memory and is able to do hard and heavy works. A fainted dot reveals a low-level of energy and lack of willpower, which can be due to disease or depression.

The loop of the "j"

loop of the j graphology

Moving on to the lower zone of letter ”j”, the loop has in itself a meaning, and this meaning can refer to sexual, biological or physical area. Depending on the predominant area of the writer, the loop can be small, big, round and other shapes.

  • If the loop is dominant, well defined and with an ovate shape, it reveals an active person with a healthy libido.
  • A small loop is drawn by a person without ambition or activity in any life’s domain.
  • A long loop defines a very sensual person.

Curved "j" loop

curved j loop graphology

The more the curved loop in your letter "j" the more important you will become in your life. The curve means that after age twenty, they enter a thirty year period when there is a concentrate on expansion and adventure inside their lives. This may come through study, education or travel. After age sixtey there's an amount which highlights the requirement of greater order, structure and realism in achieving real progress. Whatever what their age is or stage around it'll be a fantastic one.

Looped over letter "j"

looped over letter j graphology

If the letter "j" loops completely over the line of "j" this means processing a charming personality which attracts others. If the "j" loops over the dot this means they are good for matters from the heart. Sleeplessness may distinct worry which can be crucial to getting through life. Property must be the peaceful.

By Florance Saul
Nov 16, 2012