Letter I

Letter I meaning

How you write the letter "i" provides a wealth of information into your life. Including the relationship with your mother and father.

Your "i" provides an idea of how you were raised, the relationship you held with people at school. It represents the father figure in your life. How you are going to bring up your children. How you write the letter "i" is everything in your life, it denotes how you connect with others, how you communicate, if you can succeed. 

We can separate the letter "i" letters directly into the upper zone.

Upper zone = the letters b, d, h, k, i and t relate to thoughts.

Middle zone = these letters relate to people's feelings: a, c, i, o, u, f, m, n, r, s, e, v, w and x.

Lower zone =  letters, g, j, p, q, y and z relate to the physical side of life.

The Immature "i"

immature i graphology

The immature "i" symbolizes the inner aspects of the child character. In the instance of the line being curved this is associated with an assortment of qualities. The separate dot drawn on the top of the letter means that the bearer does not have a close relationship with their mother. In fact, this person has had to seek independence from an early age. Especially from a monetary perspective. The fact that the line curves means that the father relationship has also been distant or non existent. This person, although immature in thought is strong, independent and able to take on many challenges.  Below is an image of the immature letter "i" as you can see the curve is quite defined. Some people join up the letter "i" with other letters. If this is the case, for you then it means you enjoy the company of others. If the handwriting is small this provides insights associated with disappointment originating from various areas in the bearers own life.

The height of the dot

height of the dot graphology letter i

The further away the dot is from the line means that it could be a sign that you feel a specific need to be pampered or nurtured, especially if you have deprived yourself of the “sweet” things or “extras” in your life. For the dot to be thick means may be a sign that the foundations of a certain plan are more solid and positive than you think. For the line to be thick means you need to loosen up, decelerate, and learn to enjoy some tranquility in your life.

The happy "i"

the happy i graphology

If your "i" is straight, and bold, this means that you take things in life in your stride. Often it is possible to make money through your expertise. It is best to keep things simple with regard to communicating with others; you prefer to have a few friends, but that they are loyal. You take pleasure in logic, and you must be shown the facts and available information before accepting anything as legitimate. You psychologically assess the details in life, and do not allow emotion influence your judgment.

The Aggressive "i"

aggressive i graphology

The aggressive "i" can mean that it is important for you to be in control. It's important for you to remain psychologically responsible for any circumstance that you find yourself in. Focused and expansive, you might have fantastic leadership qualities because individuals will respect the authority from you. For you to write the  "i" with two lines top and bottom represents that you have great self confidence. You'd rather be the greatest at whatever you do in life.  In times of stress you remain psychologically focused.

The positioning of the "i" in connection with other letters presents how you communicate with people. If the "i" is spaced away from other letters then this can mean that you feel you are superior than other people.

The placement of the dot on the "i"

placement of the dot on i graphology

Determining the placement of the dot, can allow you to determine if you are creative or focused on attention to detail.

The more positioned the dot is above the line means that you have great attention to detail. If the dot was directly above the line, then your technique in life is immediate and factual; therefore, you want things to be right. You take pleasure in logic, and you must be shown the facts and available information before accepting anything as right. You look into and try to understand the real details. The good news is that you do not allow emotion influence your judgment. The more away the dot is positioned from the line means that you lack detail but hold much creativity.

The twisted "i"

twisted i graphology

The twisted "i" is connected to the relationships with your Mother and Father. For the "i" to be slightly twisted means that you have emotional focus. You connect with your atmosphere best using your knowledge of people.

Your emotional focus is on helping others. You connect and relate to your environment best through your understanding of people. Often it is possible to improve a concept or principle through your expertise.

Frequently you'll be able to have a great idea or principle using your inner voice. It is advisable to keep things simple regarding technical details at work.

By Florance Saul
Nov 16, 2012