Letter B

Looped Letter B

The letter B is really interesting when it comes to analysing our handwriting. We can separate the person's letters directly into three specific zones.

  • Upper zone = the letters b, d, h, k, 1 and t relate to thoughts.
  • Middle zone = these letters relate to people's feelings: a, c, i, o, u, f, m, n, r, s, e, v, w and x.
  • Lower zone =  letters, g, j, p, q, y and z relate to the physical side of life.

The letter "b" is part of the oval group of letters because it has a round circle. If when writing in flow you join up the letter "b" with other letters then this indicates that you're proficient at most things in life, especially caring for others. You have inspiration and imagination. You're an optimist. You concentrate on the positive things, especially if you join up the letter "b" with the left and right hand side.

Size of letter B graphology

The larger the circle the more confident you are. If you have a large circle, you anticipate events to come out to a positive end. This attitude enables you to definitely accomplish goals that you set in life, that maybe others would not try. Your challenge would be to keep a level field if plans aren't effective.

Closed lopped letter b

If you write the letter "b" with an open loop this means that you can come across as opinionated. You may find difficulty in finishing tasks that you have taken the responsibility of. You do not see the world as others see it. Actually, you anticipate problems, and you're especially good at recognizing potential trouble. This is one of your positive traits! You might find that others come your way and you hope to talk about their problems since the loop also shows an authentic impassion for that suffering of others. You may be quick to confess your errors.

Close Looped Letter

Handwriting Analysis - Closed looped letter "b"

If you fail to have any loops when writing your "b" this means that people try to be like you! You've got a balanced look at life and are usually practical and objective. You aren't easily frustrated and posses resilience under stress.

Long Stoke Letter B

Handwriting Analysis - Long stroke going down in the letter "b"

If the stroke of the letter "b" goes beyond the circle then this means that you enjoy other people's company. You're naturally passionate willing and able to stand up for yourself. You don't want to necessary run the show, but you need to be incorporated in whatever is going on. Your challenge is when you're interrupted by other people, you might feel belittled and you'll set up emotional walls since you don't feel appreciated.

Looped letter B

Handwriting Analysis - Curl up to the letter "b"

To curl the pen up to conclude the letter "b" means that people ask your advice. You might appear calm and relaxed, but you're constantly evaluating everything. Even if you are meditating or relaxing your mind, you find it hard to switch off. You question and weigh matters carefully and want proof before accepting things from others. You safeguard your inner child by being reflective, reserved, careful, and able to focus on the good things in life.

Forward slanted b

Handwriting Analysis - Forward Slanted "b"

You interact with people really well. Your emotions are normally wide open to others. If challenged by others you will have an emotional reaction. For the "b" to be forward with a loop means that you have a visual and experiential approach to life. You listen best when you are able take notice of the person speaking to you or see a situation from many different perspectives.

Backward Slanted

Handwriting Analysis - Backward Slanted "b"

Growing up, your extreme sensitivity might have triggered by many family problems, even seperation or divorse. You must use your own actions and arguments. Consequently, you might feel "allergic" to anybody shouting to you and hate noisy verbal disapproval. You're more motivated by physical expressions of reassurance and acceptance.

Curl letter B

Handwriting Analysis - Capital B

By Florance Saul
Nov 16, 2012