Letter A

Letter A Symbol In Graphology

Over the years I have been studying how we write the letter A and it is very fun to be able to understand a person’s personality within a few minutes of seeing their writing. So, you want to find out what your letter "A" means in terms of your personality? The letter “A” is the very first letter in the known alphabet.

At the same time it is also the first vowel in the English language. No one can deny it being of utmost importance as it symbolizes the starting point in life, so what does this mean in graphology? The letter "a" is associated with communication and how the person interacts with others. The letter denotes creativity, initiative and ambitious nature of a person. The letter "a" is considered an oval letter, it is part of the a,d,g,o,p and q group. Also, the in the middle zone as outlined above. This group of letters shows people's communication and dedication skills. As all the letters in the oval group consist of a round circle they can all be interpreted with similarities. We can separate the person's letters directly into three specific zones.

  • Upper zone = the letters b, d, h, k, 1 and t relate to thoughts.
  • Middle zone = these letters relate to people's feelings: a, c, i, o, u, f, m, n, r, s, e, v, w and x.
  • Lower zone =  letters, g, j, p, q, y and z relate to the physical side of life.

Handwriting analysis is an ancient art and helps us understand peoples deep personality. Letter A is the first letter of the alphabet and how you write this will give us a clue on your inner personality. Graphology itself is dependent on what is known as psychology and neuroscience. It’s not hard to argue that your handwriting will say something about you and your character.

Open Letter A

Handwriting Analysis - The open letter "a"

If the writer shows the letter "a" with a gap at the top this means that when confronted with resistance, and are "persistent." This individual won't quit until they have reached the degree of accomplishment that they feel is right. You also like to gossip and makes a excellent investigator. Steady as well as dependable in perceptions and also habits, the curve of the "a" if in one stroke means that they are always popular with others. They tend not to finish things in life, and have a tendency to leave things and start new tasks.

Loops On Letter A

Handwriting Analysis - The letter "a" with loops

Somewhat impartial, these people are comfortable requesting the actual fact's from others. At the same time, the person who writes the "a" in this manner is not a sucker and understands when it is time and energy to contact any halt in order to compromise. The loops are associated with your beliefs as well as sufficient self-control in life. However, if the "a" has more than two loops this means that you are adaptable enough to improve life if your not getting the outcomes that you are looking for in life.

Letter A Pinched

Handwriting Analysis - The letter "a" that is pinched

Producing balance is essential in order to survive. Your able to handle a lot of discord, however, if it is going upon for very long you will be extremely disappointed or even consider moving on to another task.  You like to keep information to yourself. In life you have a  requirement for freedom. You will suit roles that are self employed. You can produce a commitment to a strategy or perhaps a connection with people that are less fortunate than yourself, however you will try to complete your own thing in your free time.

Twisted A

Handwriting Analysis - Twisted on the way into the "a"

If you twist the "a" on the way into the main "a" then these people turn into great creators or developers, which at times can even become a problem for them. You may find difficulty in finishing tasks you have taken on. Despite the fact that your habits are generally not really overtly hostile, he or she asserts themselves well. Most of the time you discover it easier just to permit someone to take the lead. A personal sense of pride is a great incentive to make you work hard. When you are in love you have a great sense of self-confidence with regards to dealing with your partner.

The square letter a

Handwriting Analysis - The square letter "a"

To write the letter "a" with a slight square means that you are mentally and emotionally orientated. You may find it difficult to set your ideas in motion and, in this regard, you predominantly start tasks then you do not follow things through. People who write the "a" with mostly straight lines mean that you normally react emotionally to situations . At work, you count on people to much, but you may be disappointed if things do not go to plan.

Perfect letter A

Handwriting Analysis - Perfect written "a"

The perfectly written "a" is normally a curved and the spacing is the same as other characters that are written. Perfectionists are not effortless associates along with who to become associated. Some self-protectiveness requests you to hide from the truth. It is important to maintain your opinion.

Curly bottom a

Handwriting Analysis - Curl at the bottom of the letter "a"

If the "a" is written with a small curl near the rounded oval area that joins with the tail of the letter, this means that you cannot make people love you. You need to try to open up more.


Your emphasis is wide ranging. You have a curious streak, and therefore are emotionally attracted to lot of different subjects. The more curly the loop of the "a" the more you like to find out in life. Your challenge in life is to try to focus on one subject. You've got a strong link between your inner emotions as well as your logical thinking. You own an ability to understand potential concerns immediately. If you write the letter "a" with a large round circle (compared to your other handwriting) then this can indicate running a business later in life.

Slanted a

Handwriting Analysis - Slanted "a"

  • Forward: You interact with people really well. Your emotions are normally wide open to others. If challenged by others you will have an emotional reaction. For the "a" to be forward with a loop means that you have a visual and experiential approach to life. You listen best when you are able take notice of the person speaking to you or see a situation from many different perspectives.
  • Backward: Growing up, your extreme sensitivity might have triggered by many family problems, even separation or divorce. You must use your own actions and arguments. Consequently, you might feel "allergic" to anybody shouting to you and hate noisy verbal disapproval. You're more motivated by physical expressions of reassurance and acceptance.

Small circle a

Handwriting Analysis - Small circle in the letter "a"

The small circle means you like to be secretive in life,  you may also encounter close relatives or friends with ego issues, even sarcastic, very often these people give you critical comments as they think others are not so good like them, which is also not a good thing. Being around negative people means that you can sometimes be short tempered. If anyone hurts your ego or feelings intentionally you will let them know.

gap at top of a

Handwriting Analysis - Gap at the top of "a"

You've got a broad, open perspective along with a far-sighted imagination, however, you hate coping with emotional people. You like to test yourself and enjoy learning the details. You have got the patience of examining precisely what it takes to make it in life. You long for material possessions, but are prepared to work hard to get them. 

capital letter a

Handwriting Analysis - Capital "A" how it is witten and what it means

The bigger you write your capital "A" indicates the more that you will reply on "first impressions." Pay attention to the size of the line that goes across the letter. The longer this line the more you rely on other people for your self-confidence.

joined up letter a

Handwriting Analysis - Joined up "A"

Rather an optimist. You're very centered on particulars and stand out at work. You are best at tasks where communication is essential. You need to do well in positions that requirr extreme focus, for example accounting, tech support, proofing documents and so on. Your challenge is understanding how to begin to see the large picture and relevant to others on their own terms.

long line letter a

Handwriting Analysis - Long line over the "A"

The long line that goes horizontal across represents your confidence in life. If you draw the bar across perfectly, then you have balanced self confidence. It also signifies if you like breaking the rules. To have a line that goes across (over the other two vertical lines) means you thrive in taking chances.

letter a rounded

Handwriting Analysis - Rounded capital "A" 

For the capital letter to be rounded at the top means you are soft-hearted. Your powerful analytical ability as well as great ability to read people means that you will be satisfied by other people's needs. It is important to simply combine a good sense of humour and also approach things in life light heartily. Your not a dreamer.

letter a graphology narrow capital a

Handwriting Analysis - Narrow capital "A"

Your narrow capital letter means you like secrets. Others might think you are similar to them, regardless if you are or not. You are able to blend into just about any group and you can be a gifted negotiator since you can extract more details than you reveal.

wide capital a

Handwriting Analysis - Wide capital "A"

You might be less grounded than many people and might be looked at "spacey" by individuals having a narrower area of view. Your challenge is attaining the financial reward you deserve. You like to give to charity or society in general and are kind hearted. You always offer to do something for others but the compensation for the efforts is really a detail you might overlook.

perfect letter a

Handwriting Analysis - Perfect capital "A"

The perfect capital "A" writer attempts to start to see the light when situations are not going well. You have a great sense of humor that assists in any situation. Whenever conditions abandon you, or you feel disheartened or perhaps disappointed, you will be able to work through the particular difficult situations and regain his / her feeling of hope. Writing a perfect capital A means that you convey your thoughts as well as views whenever appropriate. your replies to difficult questions are often great, you are totally frank and also open using their views help other people.

If someone would like something from you they just have to request nicely. Their supportive character distinguishes them from others. Nevertheless, in the event that they encounter stress then the perfect writer of the "A" often prefers to retreat to some quiet spot on his or her own. Trustworthy as well as careful, you will carry out what is needed. He or she sets guidelines on how to best live life, it is important that you stay inside them as much as possible. This person is extra organised, they are more relaxed if they are working to a schedule.

By Flo Saul
Nov 6, 2012