The Ego

Ego Graphology

Notice the image above and the way the "William" is written. How thick the lines are of the signature. This is really interesting and denotes that someone has a really strong character.

The ego plays a significant role in handwriting analysis because when we write, we each include our own personal style or flair in our writing.

The Ego is often based on any number of situations that have happened in your life but it is something that you have become very familiar with.

When the ego is influencing the writing it can be seen as active when the individual is making a significant effort to push information onto the page or it can be somewhat passive and the words seem looser and more simplistic. The Ego is connected to ourselves and associated with if we have either an inflated sense of importance alternatively we lack some self-confidence. In graphology, the ego represented by one's handwriting.

There is been much written about the ego representing a healthy self-confident person. Self-esteem can be determined through the way we write certain letters. If we have healthy egos then we normally exhibit contentment. The ego can also be shown in tension within the writing.

What is an example of Ego in Graphology?

An example would be a hungry person experiencing the requirement for food and the satisfaction for that food is very important. The ego itself controls the desire to respond to the fact that a person needs food. In graphology, it could mean that somebody is going to write extra quickly because they require food quickly and they want to write at a fast pace to free up time stop the ego represents a psychological part of the social aspect of people.

Graphology defines the ego is recognised through our middle zone of letters. If we have a positive ego it could mean that the letters are rather large in proportion to the other zones. If a person's writing slots to the bottom and goes slightly downwards then this could indicate a traumatic experience that occurred in their life.

Sample of writing with high Self Esteem

Some people do feel that the word "Ego" is somewhat negative. Handwriting service egos representative of one's self-esteem. So what are the traits that somebody has positive self-esteem? If you look below the signature show somebody who has extremely long downstrokes. If you see the writing below you can see the way they write the "J" is quite curly and the right hand flick of loop on the "Y" both denote a strong self-esteem and self-confidence.

The writing is slightly slanting to the right which can also indicate a happy "go lucky" personality trait. Also notice how the writer puts FREE in capitals. This is a condident person. The way they have written "you" and the fact they have "spaced" the "Y" can signify being confident. 

Confident Writing

Summary of the Ego in Graphology

We can learn a lot from looking at the size of someone's writing. The larger the writing the more self-confident they normally are. I hope you enjoyed my graphology article about how to understand if someone is more self-confident the bearer will be - please check out the other parts of my website for more info on your writing and what it can mean spiritually.

By Florance Saul
Mar 30, 2012