Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton graphology

Dolly Parton is a beloved icon who brings smiles to those who see her.

She is a tiny woman with a giant personality. Famous for her music and many movie roles in Hollywood, she brings a lot of personality to a very small frame and her hand writing shows the kind of person that she is: Enthusiastic, happy, focused and somewhat of a diva.

Her life is a crowded one which is full of activity, both from fans, from business entrepreneurs and others in her life that mean a lot to her.

Her writing shows up with overlapping letters which cross over in spaces on the base line. She simply is a lover of people, she enjoys the connections which she makes and finds that there is a gift in every new person that crosses her path.

This behavior is what causes her to be loved by so many, her light shines through who she is as a person and in her writing. She is very kind, happy to have many friends and gets involved in the lives of those she loves.

We know this because the hand writing has an overall slight slant to the right which shows that she gets involved with others, but that it is in a nice way, not an obtrusive way. In a sense she leans into the lives of those she cares about to see if they need help and then she does what she can to help them.

She tends to express herself whenever she needs to; there is no really hiding the way that she feels. In this her heart is on her sleeve.

What makes her somewhat of a diva is that since she doesn’t hide her feelings, sometimes she can be demanding in getting her needs met, but most of the time she is easily forgiven for being demanding because she is so nice to be around.

Since expressing herself is natural, she has developed quite a talent for it over the years, in her music.

She is the kind of person who is relatively stable on the inside, as is evidenced by the way that her baseline is somewhat flexible in the way that it flows either upward or downward depending on who she is referring to, we are seeing a sense of the erratic or a flair for the dramatic because the middle zone letters are not consistent enough to show that she just always feels good.

What this means is that it is entirely likely that she works hard to stay consistent with her moods and emotions, but that the drama does come through and gets the best of her on occasion.

She is pretty much always aware of the fact that there are those in this world who might take advantage of her and so she is always very protective.

She is a loyal kind of person, but if you hurt her, she will keep you away from her at all costs. She is goal oriented and has a very loud and beautiful personality.

If you are on the inside of her circle, you should count yourself very blessed.

By Florance Saul
Dec 2, 2012