Wood Face

Wood face

Individuals with the element of wood will have distinguishing features such as an angular jaw or high forehead. They otherwise symmetrical face.

While they often have a welcoming smile, they will usually be too distracted by a book or odd topic on their brain to engage much socially.

Wood element people are impulsive and it is not uncommon to find them in the middle of a number of projects with deadlines looming. They are driven and understand that success is created by both hard work and networking. While they often outwardly appear to be down to earth, favoring open, artistic style. Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker are two famous wood celebrities that are both known for their simple, chic and subdued styles. Notice that the clothes themselves are expensive. Even spendthrift wood people will do what they can to invest in a solid wardrobe.If You

If You Have These Features, Chances Are That Your Element is WOOD

  • Square faces
  • Plump lips
  • Fleshy jawline
  • Full cheeks
  • Sharp noses
  • High and wide brows
  • Defined cheekbones

Their style is their first offense to keep the world on its toes. Underneath the cool woody exterior lies a viper laying in wait. Men and women both that are favored by the element of wood are excellent at getting people to trust them and to let their guard down.

The least favored feature by wood is the eyes. Muddy browns and subtle blues may be pretty on some faces, but most of the time they lack the strength in beauty to really be considered stunning. Don’t worry, the element of wood is often represented in other ways as it is often associated with plump or full lips that rarely need cosmetic enhancements. Their lips are often full shaped, sometimes pouty. They have natural color to them, allowing many woody women the ability to slap on some chapstick and walk out of the house looking like they spent 20 minutes behind the vanity mirror prepping.

It should be noted that while the energy of the element provides a rejuvenating effect to the skin, hard work, long hours and the life of a social butterfly can take its toll on the face. Men and women with strong wood characteristics in their face should note that their features require a bit of pampering now and then. The element of wood is a blessing for natural beauty, but even mother nature needs a break now and then. 

Known to have wide and broad brows, a favored hairstyle for wood individuals is shaggy with bangs that casually blow in the wind. Their hair is the one place that they typically break conventions. Naturally curious and almost always smarter than they let on, wood individuals will rebel against many social constraints. However, because these folks are also ambitious, they know that they can’t buck the system and conquer the world at the same time.  Coincidentally, the element of wood is great for the hair. Flowing styles just so happen to look fabulous on those people that have shining locks, imbued with natural bounce and body.

By Florance Saul
Feb 14, 2017