Wide Nose Bridge

Wide Nose Bridge

This nose is identified by a bridge that is broad, large, and spacious with a very nice outlook.

This category of people is believed to be perfectly optimistic and motivated by an “I can do” perspective. They never get retracted from pursuing any of their dreams or even accomplishing any given targets.

They are always blessed with high spirits, and any of their undertakings is never left to chance, as they tend to put everything under scrutiny and close examination so as to establish its viability.

They do not easily give up. Once they have decided to pursue a given task or mission, they always pursue it to the end. They also do not believe that they can be defeated in anything. Self-appraisal is well-natured within them, and in most of their endeavors, they are motivated by self-drive.

What is common with this kind of personality is that they can sacrifice everything to achieve their dreams in life, no matter how long this may take.

They most likely end up successful and do not easily lose any of their means to achieving success. They are very strong willed and always have concrete ideas and opinions, which cannot be moved since they are believed to hold a positive self-opinion; therefore, they do not have an allowance for defeat.

Some of the character analysts describe them as choleric. They have the strongest, guaranteed desire and will to achieve beyond their targets.

Leadership roles and duties are normally bestowed upon them. It is believed that they are perfect leaders, and any leadership activity that they pursue always leads to success. Nothing can easily stop them from achieving their dreams, and this is what enables them be perfect leaders.

Their personality allows them to work well with others; this normally results in a promotion to a leadership position wherever they may work. They get joy and pride being in control of their fellow workmates in their workplaces. They attract those that matter in their hearts quite easily, and on many occasions, they will get joy in their relationships.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012