Wide Mouth

Wide Mouth

People with wide mouths are magnanimous and benevolent in nature.

Their great influence originates from their leadership skills. These are people that are born leaders. They are optimistic, making them energetic and outgoing in their daily lives. They have clear goals, which keeps them moving up the career ladder.

The thoughts and feelings of these people are not only great dreamers, but also powerful pursuers of their dreams.  This is made possible by their great passion and motivation. They have great perseverance when it comes to working, and can withstand great demands placed on them by others. 

This mouth marks a loyal, happy and affectionate partner, who is ready to assist anyone in need, they are, as a rule, probably more content in equal partnerships. People who have this mouth formation can easily at times challenge life.

They can take on anything that comes their way since the excitement and uncertainty of situations keep them alive. This person’s temperament is simple to fully grasp. They like to be the bosses as well as leaders of their own world. There's nothing too complicated.

They're outstanding at building relationships with strangers. One has to just acknowledge that if one is married to this character then they will not be in control. If any little thing delays matters then this person will operate effortlessly. They are great at removing any obstacles. Moreover, if somebody gives them a dilemma they will make the right decision - without fail.

They are not fond of the power-sharing strategy. But this does not necessarily mean that they will always hold all the power in life. If a person appeals to their sense of fairness and that they are open to compromise then they can become the best of friends.

If the lips are thin then they prefer to be in control of their family. In addition to this, they are great dreamers who think that one day they will influence the world to work in a way consistent with their great ideas. Their ambitions and drive make it easier for them to steer their life in the right direction. That is why they are capable of achieving their goals in life.

If the subject has a thick lips then this person can at times be rather outrageous with their arrogance and exasperating routines in life. They have at times an infuriating, pompous demeanour when giving instruction to others. They will have an impression about everything and can be pretty rigid in their beliefs. Even though they firmly peruse their own goals. Now let's reach the nice points!

In spite of the fact they want to be in control, if they cannot then they are happy to take the back seat. If one's lips cover the teeth they will make great close companions. While they may be standoffish and somewhat condescending with strangers, they are pretty loving with those people close to them. They are kind natured. Their enthusiasm for life is addictive. They may be cheerful most of the time and usually see most of life from a positive angle.

Summary of characteristics…

  • Must be in control.
  • Make great companions.
  • Usually happy and content.
  • Can be standoffish.
  • Outstanding at building relationships.
  • Likes perfection.
  • They have clear goals,

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012