Wheel Eyes

Wheel Eyes

Wheel eyes are eyes that have a large pupil with a hint of brown to the iris of the eye.

The lines of color are more pronounced with the brownish tint and it resembles a wheel within the eye when you look at it up close. The more of the brown pigment that shows up, the more the eye color is changed. Wheel eyes on blue can show as a violet color and on brown can warm or strengthen the look of the eye.

There will be flecks in the color wheel and sometimes you will have to look very close to notice it. You may not even notice this feature until you is up close and personal and in this case it will likely be a startling discovery. This person will also have quite wide fitting eyes.

The wheel eye is often considered a warning sign. Many cultures state that this kind of eye indicates a person who is evil or dangerous. Of course, this is myth and not always true. In fact, these people can be quite caring in nature. Markedly, people with wheel eyes do have a stern demeanor and they are known for not taking attitude from anyone. They are persistent but not patient people and they have a demanding nature about them.

Sometimes people with wheel eyes can be misinterpreted as being sinister or dark. They have a very matter-of-fact kind of way about them and in this they also can be hard to please. Emotionally they are closed off as they are untrusting of others. It can take a lot to get them to open up and this is what is required to see the true nature of the wheel eyed person. It could be said that they do not have patience for insincere people and rather than describing them as stern, they simple expect others to prove themselves before opening up.

If you do manage to get a person with wheel eyes on your side – whether in work, a relationship, or friendship – they are die-hard and true. They will use their massive cunning and intellect to help you out and are especially good people to have around during a time of crisis. The brown wheel eyed person is going to be smart, ingenious, and cunning. They make excellent lawyers, quick-thinking surgeons, and other kinds of careers that can be demanding but have a skill-requirement and come with influence. They do not do anything small as they are not trivial people. They are sure of themselves and don’t go about taking on a project that they cannot win at.

When crossed, they will use their intelligence to bring their enemy down in any arena that they can. Sentiment is lost on them when they are angry and be warned if you make them mad that you will most certainly regret it. This can be problematic in allowing them to get close to people. They will be approached with kit gloves and because of all of this intensity people will be somewhat fearful of them. Inside they are difficult people but they do mean well. The fear of others is not lost on them and they are emotionally sensitive but they try to hide it. It can be difficult to get close to them but once you do, they are most certainly worth it.

By Florance Saul
Nov 26, 2012