Wavy Eyebrow

Wavy Eyebrow

Wavy eyebrows look like waves rather than being curved or having straight lines.

People with wavy eyebrows have a weak willpower and unsteady thoughts. They will never make a decision and stick to it because their minds are always wandering.

In relationships, they generally cause stress on their spouses or partners.

These waves also give an indication that a person has a slight emotional imbalance. Event's in their life's normally cause an emotional rollercoaster; at times, they are high, and at other times they are low.

In Chinese face reading if the inside of the eyebrows go downwards, in a sense pointing towards the bridge of the names suggests that there is keenness and enthusiasm. Additionally, the wavy eyebrows have high expectations. The bearer is focused on challenge. This is an important factor in life. If the bearer makes an accomplishment they soon begin to work on next goal in life. There can work others hard and set new goals frequently - and meet them very quickly. This can effect the people around them. If the eyebrow is messy and bushy nature there is an eye for detail in every aspect. The bearer holds much enthusiasm and optimism and a real zest for life. There can be a severe problem of delay with these people as when they start something they find it hard to finish. Ideally new projects need to be started as soon as possible.

By Florance Saul
Dec 20, 2012