Water Face

Water Face Reading

You can almost always bet that a person with a round face, often smooth cheeks and under-defined cheekbones and brow lines, will be sitting pretty upon water personalities.

Sometimes mistaken for shy, water types are usually just naturally guarded. Consider that water is often spiritually associated with awareness and the element is often linked with individuals that are inherently empathic.

Spritely eyes and lovely smiles mark the element in both, the face and personality.  They are often happy creatures, yet also emotionally sensitive.

Humor is a handy coping skill for watery types, and they know how to use it to deflect attention. They don’t enjoy the spotlight and are known to fiercely value their privacy.

If You Have These Features, Chances Are That Your Element is WATER

  • Round face.
  • Bright eyes.
  • Smooth facial structure.
  • Dark and thick eyelashes.
  • Sensitive smiles.
  • Exuberant personality.
  • Small to medium “button” nose.

At heart, these are easy going folk that, through equal amounts of patience and daydreaming, see the world from a different perspective. They smile often, but you may miss it if you’re not paying attention. They are more likely to smirk versus release a gut busting laugh.

Especially shy water people will attempt to hide their emotions by covering their mouth when they laugh or burying their face when frustrated. Feelings are private experiences, shared with only trusted friends or family member. Once they feel comfortable their features will relax, their hands will settle and they fall into themselves.

If one could sum up one word for the faces of women with water influences, it would be cute. Men with elemental fluidity on their side are attractive as well. Their skin is healthy and is the type that rarely needs make up or cover up.

In fact, ladies that are blessed with the element of water often can go without wearing any cosmetics on the regular as they will be born with naturally glowing skin and often dark lined eyes that don’t require eyeliner for definition.

Some Chinese face readings have defined those with water as their element often appear full. Features can appear bloated or fleshy, even on the prettiest of celebrities. Renee Zellweger is on of the more famous examples of how water can represent in the facial features.

Those with lesser water traits will likely still have round faces, not because they are overweight either. Naturally, these people are fit and most do their best to present a certain type of image. For a Chinese face reading, this means that you will want to pay close attention to how the hair is styled.

Water faces will be adorned with fuller hair that is either exceptionally clean and shiny looking or that which is unkempt and intentionally messy. There is no gray area. Tangled or full styles draw attention away from the eyes. It could be said that this telltale hair is designed to do just that.

Water people aren’t necessarily hiding or sneaky (though they certainly know how to be when they want to), most of these elemental aquaphiles get easily overloaded with other people’s nature. Champion of introvert’s area, they desire personal space as they value silence and time with their own thoughts.

By Florance Saul
Feb 14, 2017