Upward Facing Tips of Eyes

Upward Facing Tips of Eyes

People with upward facing tips of eyes are mysterious and inviting by nature.

They tend to be open and fiery and vibrant people with even bigger personalities. Their eye shape places them as an opposite of those kinds of people with downward facing tips of eyes and with these kinds of people they are usually not going to get along well.

That being said, both eye shapes are relatively uncommon. When you meet someone with upward facing tips of eyes, through a natural eye selection (vs. someone who has had plastic surgery aka. A face lift) you will not almost always an instant attraction. There is just something about these people. Their nature is one that is trusting almost to the point of being gullible.

This can cause them to be easily hurt as they innately want to be open with people. It is not in their nature to hold back with anyone and even when they are hurt, they often will forgive the offending party. However, when crushed or when they get to their breaking point you had better watch out.

Once ignited with anger, these people will unleash a ferocious vindictiveness. They will not stop until they feel that they have been heard. They are not explosive by nature though and it can take an awfully long time to get to that point, even when people will tell them that they should be angered. They wait and hope that people have kindness and decency in them that they know is there deep down.

Dealing with these people can be difficult. They are always on the move and constantly want attention. They thrive off of adventure and movement which can make them quit fickle with the company that they keep. Going through phases is common for upward facing tips of eyes people and with this they have a knack for morphing themselves into on group or another.

Often they find a hobby or something and will dabble but rarely finish or follow through. They will leave a trail of unfinished business in their life be it interests or people.

With relationships this can be quite problematic. They thrive on the attention and when you catch the upward facing tips of eyes person then you will feel like you are on top of the world. They like to lavish their lovers and admiration's with presents and attention because in turn, as it so happens, it also brings attention to them.

Once the honeymoon phase is over though, they can simply decide that they are over it. The world is their proverbial candy shopper and they do not rest easy only savoring one flavor for too long. To keep the attentions of upward facing tips of eye person interested in work or play, they need to be constantly challenged and interested which can be tiring for most.

Those that can’t keep up will be left behind and without the glow of the upward facing tip person around… going back to simply being happy in a relationship can be a difficult thing. Their love past is filled with bitter exes and people that think that they could have been the one if only given enough time.

Ironically, people with upward facing tips of the eye are not intentionally hurtful people. In fact, they often are so self-focused that they don’t really realize that they are the ones causing harm. Their behaviors can be explained away by being careless rather than malicious. You have to talk directly to these people as they are used to doing the emotional outbursts. Often to get through to them you have to be more dramatic and loud than they are. Like a bunch of children in a noisy class room, you have to let out a yell or whistle to get their attention. If you can manage to do that they you will likely get through to them.

By Florance Saul
Nov 26, 2012