Triangular Eyebrows

Triangular Eyebrows

Eyebrows are triangular if the hair is triangular in shape.

This type of brow is common to men only. It shows that a person is energetic and has a lot of willpower and strong ambitions.

People with these brows have a lot of courage and never shy away from taking risks. When they run into serious problems, they try to free themselves from them without necessarily including other people.

They have a lot of patience and stick to whatever they has planned, not minding what others have to say about them, and this makes them very successful in many of their undertakings.

These subjects are single-minded and this makes them slightly irrational because they cannot take up other people’s opinions; therefore, this makes them highly respected by other people. They mostly target the end rather than the process that they will pass through in order to arrive at their final results.

The personal effects and material possessions are extremely important to those that bear triangle eyebrows. They are loyal need to express themselves in a confident manner. They have natural pride and are highly controversial.

They need to have a secure and structured working environment. We also need encouragement from other people. They have great self-confidence and a vivid sense of humour.  The bearer of these eyebrows enjoys life for the sheer fun of it. They do not wish to be too serious and old. They struggle with retirement  and can get quite depressed if they have not achieved everything in life that they wished for. This ambition should always be encouraged. As parents the bearer of triangle eyebrows likes to spend time with his or her family.  Their generally involved in creative projects and don’t have any secrets from other people.

When faced with problems the cloud of confusion often enters their mind. It is important for the triangular eyebrow bearer to solve problems quickly.

By Florance Saul
Dec 20, 2012