Thin Eyebrows

Thin Eyebrows

Thin eyebrows normally appear among females. Eyebrows of this characteristic are thin and sparse, and in some cases, they may be so thin that they appear to be invisible, meaning only the eyebrow bone is protruding.

If one has these eyebrows, then they are highly self-centered and inconsiderate; they always seek the attention of their partners in relationships. In this case, they focus on themselves and the needs they have. When they get married, their union may suffer arguments and fights if they are not of the right match.

This comes from the fact that women who have these eyebrows are jealous, meaning their marriage will never be harmonious or smooth. On a more positive note, women's eyebrows are normally plucked. Thus, the natural eyebrow should be read for a true reading. If  the female plucks her eyebrows then a true face reading cannot be concluded.

There is a tendency to be socially hidden away from the world. This is when one works best. There is an emphasis on natural friendliness which is linked to a genuine desire to help other people in life. Therefore, any type of charity work will be conducted with the full strength required. As we have already mentioned people with thin eyebrows like to help an approach  which is normally seen for those that have sparse hair at the bridge of the eyebrow.

They enjoy helping other people solve problems. The toughest problem that confronts most people is financial.  This person would do well in careers that is associated with financial planning. Money is certainly attracted to their thought, and once in a career with money appears on the horizon the thoughts will lead to ways and means of creating wealth.

Summary of characteristics...

  • Jealous in regards to love.
  • Normally found on a women who is attractive.
  • Can be selfish but also loving.

If eyebrows are described as narrow, long, neat, and elegant and have a slight and gentle curve then they can be considered to be thin eyebrows. These days, most cultures approve this eye shape for women and it is the look that people try to attain for themselves. Is it any wonder that this is the case when this has been a trending thought for beauty for a very long time. According to Miang Xiang, these eyebrows are desirable features among women because they are indicative of a feminine, gentle personality.

In general, those with this brown type naturally excel in relationships and marriages which are highly successful. To them, a relationship is a treasure of lifetime and they will take a conservative or traditional approach with men desiring to be a provider and women caring for more domestic needs. If they happen to find themselves with a less traditional partner, they have a difficult time adapting but they will constantly continue. They will do anything they can to save a relationship, once they have committed which can put them in a bad situation if they are not careful.

Thankfully, thin browed individuals tend to be blessed with luck. While they can fall into bad relationships, they often will realize early on if they are not in a good spot. Additionally, their caring and compassionate nature allows them to make good friends who can offer them help whenever they need it. Friendships, like all other committed relationships are viewed as long term. Once they make a bond, they invest in the people around them.

People with thin eye brows have a desire to become successful and a lot of enthusiasm that will enable them to become successful. Because of this trait, they have great achievements and have a great reputation. They are generally popular or well-liked. If they get in a jam, the people in their lives are most often the first to reach out and lend a hand because that is what the thin browed person would do for them.

There are few negatives to thin browed personalities. Perhaps, beyond aesthetic beauty, this is the reason that the look as become so popular? It is hard to fake this kind of true and pure personality though, and it can’t be attained by plucking or shaping. This is because naturally thin browed people are pure and innocent at heart. Even if they have been through the worst of situations, they somehow often come out unscathed, either due to luck or the intervention of others. Negatively this can mean a lack of growth, creating a person who remains sheltered and stuck with an understanding of the world being better than it truly is. They don’t understand that not all people are as lucky as they are and this can lead to their expectation of others being unfair or unreasonable.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012