Thin Cut Mouth

Thin Cut Mouth

While the corners of the mouth are pointed the lips are thin. People born with this mouth need to recharge their batteries with healthy food.

They have a tendency to eat an unhealthy diet. Their courage in the face of opposition or difficulties is strong, so they normally achieve their goals.

Bearers of this mouth always find the way forward. Whatever line of work they choose to embark in they show commitment and are destined for great things. It is worth remembering that this person needs to follow his or her heart when it comes to business. The Chinese describe bearers of this mouth as having sharp tongues. Not being able to say what is on their mind results in confusion. What they say can also land them in trouble. On a positive note, they normally communicate well with others. Thin cut mouthed people are clever, but they prefer to take the shortcuts in life. They want to move fast towards material wealth. They never settle for second best. Sometimes, they lack willpower and have a tendency to be dishonest.

In middle age they will settle down and marry with children. Their greediness in small things makes them blind when it comes to the bigger picture. They speak out their mind at all times. On top of that, they require both the mental and creativity in life to give them the vital uplift that they need. Men who have thin cut mouths are naturally reserved in nature. They do not like close relationships. At the initial stages, they avoid any closeness in a relationship. This man is not at ease with public displays of love or intimacy.

People with thin cut mouths find it difficult to be loving, their visionary and practical tendencies augur well for being a loving partner. Unfortunately, they hold back the partner at arm’s length. This happens even in cases of a serious sexual relationship. This person knows what he needs. The only thing he or she dislikes is sharing the inner feelings.

This person is socially inclined and normally rather popular. Once they are able to take stock of life, they find the importance of give and take in a relationship. These people are especially attracted to every part of art, be it drama, art, music or performing arts. They find fulfillment in being alone and carrying out a hobby. They always try to learn and be more caring in life.

Summary of characteristics…

  • Must be in with a loving partner.
  • Make great companions.
  • Can dislike sharing inner feelings.
  • Can be standoffish.
  • Outstanding at building relationships.
  • Likes hobbies.
  • They have clear aims in life.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012