Tail Eyebrows

Tail Eyebrows

These eyebrows are only found in males. These people are masculine.

This gives them the exclusive power to command their peers and those close to them - in most cases this happens without any opposition.

Because of this, people with such eyebrows have the tendency to be proud, and this can sometimes lead to failure. It is not easy to befriend people with these eyebrows. They do their best in most careers, but the best ones for them include politics and serving their country as a minister or a judge. In general, the roles that offer them leadership, authority, and power are best suited to them. They are found in military environments as they are born leaders.

Tail eyebrows are associated with people who have a positive outlook in life. These people will welcome loyalty. In ancient Chinese face reading it is believed that people who have tail eyebrows have difficulty during their teenage years. This is very much focused upon the freedom life. They believe it is quite difficult to gain the freedom they require.

These people are independent from a young age and they are desperate to become more mature. Stubbornness is likely to rise to the surface. However, there will be occasions when this eyebrow holder will feel that change is absolutely necessary. Once they are given a task in life there was nothing will stop them achieving it. Tail eyebrows can be sweeping near the front and if this is the case it indicates that drastic changes in life may result in new opportunities.

The good news about the bearer of such eyebrows is that they will accept responsibilities quickly. They are not shy of hard work and to take on anything that is thrown at them. If the eyebrows are wiry this indicates that energy must be evenly spread controlled.

There’s a great many of them that express frustration in life.  If the tail eyebrows are pointed upwards this indicates a strong willed easy-going person. This is not one of the strongest people in the world, however there will be many positive traits that form part of their personality.

Especially the all-important need to relate to other people under difficult circumstances.

The holder of the tail eyebrow pointing downwards suggests that it is all too easy to dismiss the idea of keeping fit, but they really do need to do it! However, it should be integral part of their life. Eating healthily is very important to the tail eyebrow holder, especially if they point downwards. If the eyebrows meet in the middle there is a compelling interest in life.

Retirement will be less fulfilling and this personal struggle to find hobbies to fill the time. As we have already touched on these eyebrows are only found in males. In a business sense, this male can be powerful. He will be more than useful in any type of career. His powerful personality traits will colour many business projects.

If the bearer of the tail eyebrows is not a white suit collared work you will achieve much in life. There is definitely driving emotional resources as well as organisational leadership qualities.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012